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  1. B1G expansion?

    CBS is paying $350M for the 3:30 lot and NBC is paying $350 M for the 7 slot. Fox and BTN get the noon slot. NBC was not negotiating for the whole thing.
  2. B1G expansion?

    MTS did.
  3. B1G expansion?

    NBC alone is not broadcasting "all the B10 games". CBS, FOX and BTN are also broadcasting games.
  4. Lineup for 2022-23

    We have some good pieces; more good pieces than we had last year. I prefer to look forward and not concentrate in the rear view mirror.
  5. Lineup for 2022-23

    I believe this team will have some tough times in the beginning as they adjust to new schemes and new players. But to suggest they will crumble is too harsh. The returning players have enough grit and determination to compose themselves and play through the trouble spots. We will have more...
  6. B1G expansion?

    BYU wont play on Sunday so that messes up baseball and basketball schedules.
  7. B1G expansion?

    The SEC, B10 and ND already tried to vote to go to 8 or 12 once and lost. They were held up by the ACC, B12 and PAC. Each conference still only gets one vote.
  8. B1G expansion?

    Well the statement about two friends has nothing to do with the raises question. I was replying to another post and decided not to; deleted it and it somehow got put on my post about the raises. The professor who made the statement taught there for 45 years and is a friend. No reason for him...
  9. B1G expansion?

    I have always heard; and seen written, that if ND joined a conference it had to be the ACC. For the duration of the agreement. It came from an interview with Swofford.
  10. B1G expansion?

    I had two brothers who played football at Auburn along with a few high school teammates; so I can tell you alot. Nope; he was not; had no reason to.
  11. B1G expansion?

    Well the guy was a tenored professor and is now a professor emeritus. It was five years ago that he said this.
  12. B1G expansion?

    I know a professor at Auburn who says; "when the football team wins, we get raises."
  13. B1G expansion?

    That thing was written in 2013????
  14. B1G expansion?

    One thing both you and her have in common is your pride in UNC.
  15. B1G expansion?

    No she went to school there four years.
  16. B1G expansion?

    She was referring to all the yankees who went to school there.
  17. B1G expansion?

    I dated someone who went to UNC and she called Chapel Hill the southern most northern city. I am not sure UNC plants the B10 flag in the south.
  18. B1G expansion?

    Part of the agreement is if ND joins a conference for football they have to join the ACC.
  19. B1G expansion?

    On a lighter note, here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal on the B10 expansion: "USC and UCLA won’t be the last institutions to bolt to conferences that make no sense. Hold on for Oregon to the Big East. The Sorbonne to the WAC. Vineyard Vines to the Ivy League. Notre Dame to heaven…where...
  20. B1G expansion?

    Didn't we learn a long time ago not to trust anything Dennis Dodd says?