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  1. Tech vs Louisville

    I didn't like the outcome of the game last night but I felt good after listening to that postgame press conference. Both Jordan and Michael come across as solid, well spoken, and all around good guys. I'm proud that they represent Tech and we are going to miss them next year. I believe CJP...
  2. Tech vs Louisville

    Seems like the entire team went out on the town last night
  3. Really we’ve sunk to a new low

    There have been other ACC Tournament Champions that won the same number of games as we did in last year’s tournament. Our win was as legit as those other teams.
  4. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Can our defense be any worse in 2022 than it was in 2021? I wish the players that left well but I'm not crying for anyone (from the 2021 defense) that leaves Tech.
  5. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    It seems like everyone believes we will suck next year- maybe win 3 games- and that CGC will be canned. Everyone may be right with outcome of our 2022 Tech season. In sports, when everyone predicts the same outcome for a team’s season, many times they are flat out wrong. I hope that all of...
  6. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…um…er…Tashard Choice? (TX?)

    He will probably be back next year as the head coach.
  7. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    Tech and UNC are both home dogs. We may see both pull upsets tonight.
  8. Ticket Exchange

    I’ll try again. 2 in U225. $100 for the pair.
  9. Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 tickets - section 225. $150 for the pair
  10. Get out the Flea Spray; GT Traveling to the pound Friday Night Lights! [email protected]

    We held them to 5 points in the last 5 minutes.
  11. Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 tickets for the GA game. Section 225, row 10 - Upper East, 45 yard line. Message me with an offer if you are interested.
  12. Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 tickets for the BC game. Section 225, row 10 - Upper East, 45 yard line. Message me with an offer if you are interested.
  13. Where do we go from here?

    I live in Florida and I have season tickets. I only make it to a couple of games a year. I saw the UNC/Pitt games this year - at least I saw a win. I plan on sticking with my season tickets. Here is my rationale. #1 - I am a graduate of Tech and long time fan. My success in business was...
  14. Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 tickets. Let me know if anyone wants them.
  15. GT vs Wake, Friday 3/5, 8 PM, ACCN

    Solid win. We beat the point spread of 8.5 points. Hopefully UVA wins tomorrow so we get an extra day of rest. It was good to see Howard get some minutes tonight. It’s the best he has played all year.
  16. Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Tues, Feb 23, 7pm, RSN/ACCNX

    What an impressive win!!!! Go Jackets!!!
  17. 🤞Clemson at Georgia Tech Jan 20 2021, 7 PM 🤞

    Impressive win!! We were lights out shooting 3 pointers. Usher had his best game at Tech IMO. Big game against Virginia on Saturday - GO JACKETS!!!

    I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2021! I also want to thank everyone for making this site so enjoyable to read about Tech football. Here is to a GREAT 2021 season for the JACKETS!!!
  19. 3 Georgia Tech athletes have tested positive for COVID-19.

    Sorry to take this discussion in another direction but how are the 3 athletes doing?