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  1. Lineup for 2022-23

    oh, its a GREAT question.Right now there is NO ,as in zero, guys that are proven scorers. Somebody will step up but until he ( and hopefully another or 2 ) does, we are sucking on Offense.
  2. Fall Camp News

    There is a BAD BAD man.Good for 5 yds every time you ran behind him. (and still doing it)
  3. Will the Secondary be Better in 2022?

    The biggest chance for improvement would come if Keion White somehow became a huge pass-rush force. Without that type of upgrade to the rush--no, the Dbs won't be much better. esp at first.
  4. Today in Analytics...

    I saw it earlier.A black and white exploration of what has happened to this team.A nearly complete breakdown of a program.
  5. 2022 Opponent Injury Reports

    Sounds good but let me know when all their front 4 go out--then we can get serious on weakening. lol
  6. Fall Camp News

    DJ Moore looked good in Spring "scrimmage".He is a man now.
  7. Fall Camp News

    Not to be too negative but we heard this last yr AND he is showing-out vs our DEF which has potential to be no better than last yr.-a sobering thought.
  8. Pre-Season Projected Starters

    yep, --The GOOD aspect of Clem game is that we have a lot of time to prepare with special plays.looks,etc.Plus we have WC re-energize before the next big hurdle. (of course if we don't crush WC, the whole plan is kaput!!!)
  9. Pre-Season Projected Starters

    If Quick is really around 280 ,then he stays at tackle.
  10. New Staff Hire

    At this point GC has nothing to lose by pulling EVERY string to have a decent yr.This guy also may be candidate as next OL coach.
  11. Fan Day Observations

    sign him up
  12. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    Yep, we got a good TAG team possibly with all the DBs. -or--now if we could play 7-8 at a time with a 13-14 total.
  13. What D will we run 3-4 or 4-3

    I think Charlie is at LB and Edwards at rover.The whole DEF is really a question with who plays where.(and how well). btw-To me if if if K White could be a real force at DE ,it would take a lot of pressure off LBs and DBs.
  14. What D will we run 3-4 or 4-3

    WE don't really have the players to go strong with 4-3 or 3-4, so the 4-2-5 is probably the best with K Edwards at Rover.
  15. Lineup for 2022-23

    Well said.The two new guys ,Frankln and Terry , are our biggest hopes for a new skill set and as you say- moxie.(The PGs and wings need another yr to develop/mature .) If they don't excel the lack of depth/ talent on basically a small frontline will kill us. .Moore, Franklin and Howard is not...
  16. B1G expansion?

    The other big problem with GOR is the legal battle it could bring.Schools wanting out just bring lawsuit to invalidate it and extend it out so long (and not pay),the ACC gives in at some point.
  17. ACC Preseason Poll 2022

    I didn't realize GC's mother had a vote.
  18. Chip Long Offense Video (Tulane)

    I love the idea of having a LOT of motion.It takes timing/coaching but it puts a bunch of pressure on the DEF. Interesting about the extended use of TEs when none have excelled much so far. ex--Reminds me of the run play at Clemson goal-line when the block wasn't made on the LB.. Of course...
  19. Preseason All ACC Team

    simply the OL question
  20. Preseason All ACC Team

    Charlie Thomas may turn out to be our best shot at honors.