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  1. What D will we run 3-4 or 4-3

    We have size at NG to run the 3-4 defense. Ran it last year but with new players on the DL what do we run with the personnel we have this year. I like the 4-3 but not sure we have the best skill set for that.
  2. How wide is home plate

    I played a lot of organized baseball through high school. The game is so technically oriented now. There is discussion about robot calling balls and strikes. The question is how much of the ball must cross the plate to be a strike? If only a portion of the ball needs to cross it, then the plate...
  3. ACC Golf tournament

    Our golf team is playing Wake for the ACC golf championship. Another top performance by coach Heppler's team. Hope they continue their strong play and win it again this year. We actually have one sport that is a consistent winner.
  4. Golf team starting strong

    Golf team just won a three day event against good competition in Florida. Looks like another very good team again this year.
  5. Harrison Bailey transfer

    Announced leaving UT. Timing not good for GT. Would be a good addition.
  6. Vincent Whaley gets back his PGA card

    Finished in top 25 of the Korn Ferry tour. Gets his PGA card back. Way to go Vince!!
  7. ACC office may leave Greensboro

    Local newspaper in Durham reporting they may move the ACC headquarters. I would think Charlotte but Atlanta would be better IMHO for better national exposure.
  8. US Amateur

    We still have a player in the hunt again this year. The transfer from Missouri, Steelman, has made the final 16. He is a great addition to the golf team.
  9. MEMORIES...(first game)

    One of the things OLeary did when he was coaching was to have an afternoon open session with students where he talked about the upcoming game and answered questions. Really built a bond with the students. One of my all time favorite coaches.
  10. Which QB finishes against Clemson

    Most agree that JG starts against Clemson. Who will be our QB when the game ends?
  11. Who is coming to Durham

    Who is making the trip to Durham for the Duke game?
  12. Ogletree Wins US Amateur Championship

    Andy beat a UGA player to advance to the semifinals of the US Amateur at Pinehurst. He has a chance to match Matt Kuchar and Bobby Jones as champions of that event. He is playing exceptionally well this week.
  13. ACC Champs with record score

    Our golf team just won the 2019 ACC championship while setting a new all time low total of 37 under par. Andy Ogletree finished one shot back for the individual title.
  14. Diaz to Temple as head coach.

    It is being reported that Manny Diaz will replace Collins at Temple.
  15. Duke QB out with injury

    Daniel Jones is out for several games with a broken collar bone. Guess we will find out if the Duke curse on us is his talent or Cut's coaching.
  16. Matt Skole

    Was at the Durham Bulls game last night against Charlotte. Matt Sole was DH for charlotte. Went 0 for 4 unfortunately. He is hitting around 265 in AAA.
  17. How many PWO's stay on the team

    We always seem to get a bunch of good kids as pwo's. How many stick it out for 4 years on average.
  18. Thanks to Heyword and Heath

    This team really got a tremendous effort from Heyword this year. He could have left after last year with a coaching change but he stayed and was willing to play hard on defense. His stats didn't show how valuable he was on D. He seemed willing to do whatever was asked to help the team. He...
  19. At the game tonight

    I was invited to the game by my dookie friend. We had no offense. Lammers seemed to get tired in 2nd half and got into foul trouble as a result plus they worked the baseline in 2nd half. They can really shoot the ball and us not so much. We were exposed tonight by our lack of ACC talent. Okogi...
  20. Overall disappointing year for GT athletics in all sports

    This has been a disappointing year for GT athletics. Even the golf team was down this past year. I can't think of one varsity sport that has achieved much this year--maybe volleyball and individual tennis. Team sports have not been good. Has the addition of Notre Dame and Louisville moved us...