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  1. boger2337

    Clemson Ticket Location Released

    For STHs the Clemson game location should now show up when looking at your tickets in your account. We got screwed and are in the endzone (103 MBS) even though we moved even more towards the middle we went from 101 to 102 at Bobby Dodd but these are worse than the Tennessee game. I figured we...
  2. boger2337

    Fan Day 2022

    Curious if anyone has heard anything about it? Wife is a nurse and we would like to be able to set her schedule up now so she can go, but they always wait till the week before to announce it. Last year it was the first weekend in August. Since that is coming up very quickly figured I would ask.
  3. boger2337

    Thread based on inaccurate photo

    Sims in a cast...
  4. boger2337

    Tyson Meiguez Out for Season

    Tyson reported he tore his ACL today on Instagram.
  5. boger2337

    FSU Sets Up NIL Program

    Not sure how this compares to what we set up with the outside company.
  6. boger2337

    Open Practice on Saturdays

    We have open practices! I'll be there this weekend! I'm pumped.
  7. boger2337

    Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    Just released Kaleb is now in the transfer portal... My guess is Middle Tennessee. Hate to see him go. One of my favorite players and thought he would have a great year next year.
  8. boger2337

    2021 Schedule

    2021 GT Football Schedule
  9. boger2337

    Life Advice for a soon to be 30 yr old

    Hey guys, This is hard for me to reach out to random people about something I am slightly embarrassed about. I am a young professional. I work as a Project Planner on major airline and parcel projects. Think MCO (Orlando Airport), FedEx, UPS, and JFK. These are hundred million dollar projects...
  10. boger2337

    Emmanuel Johnson has Entered the Portal

    I think there was some rumors he was going to during the season last year. Injuries happened and he got some playing time. Hate to see this as I think he has some serious upside and has a solid family. His dad and I have spoken a couple times and I'm a huge fan of this young man. I hope he finds...
  11. boger2337

    9.5 favorite over Wake

    We have been playing well, but should we be almost a double digit favorite over anyone in the ACC??? This number surprised me. I thought we would be a 1-4 point favorite.
  12. boger2337

    Chico Bennett enters the portal

    I am assuming this is based off of the Kevin Harris news.
  13. boger2337

    Notre Dame Opens as 20 Point Favorite

    Honestly... I'm shocked. I thought it would be Notre Dame -28 to -31. 20 seems low. Notre Dame -20 Over/Under 56.5 has since moved to 57. Notre Dame is getting 63% of the bets, GT getting 54% of the total money as of 1am 10/27. Meaning GT is getting 37% of total bets while holding 54% of...
  14. boger2337

    Ed Orgeron Calls Out His Defense

    I am watching the LSU game and the commentators mention Ed publicly called out his defense after the last game. Saying, "They are embarrassing. I thought if we could hold teams to 21ppg we could play well knowing we would score 30. But when you score 41 and lose. Thats unacceptable and...
  15. boger2337

    CPJ Players Upset Not Getting Swag

    There are a couple players that have recently publicly showed their distaste with the current program for not getting free gear. Not to be rude, but I guess that is what CPJ taught his players? Or are they just salty? Really only current NFL players or guys making BIG waves in the business world...
  16. boger2337

    UCF injuries list

    So we know Chimezda, Tre, and Clayton are out today. Figured this needed a GAMEDAY thread away from all the other individual player threads. What are we hearing on Mason, Gibbs, Owens, and any others?
  17. boger2337

    UNC's Game this Weekend is Canceled

    Charlottes offensive line all caught covid or had tracing. Supposedly too many issues with Covid for Charlotte. UNC is currently looking for a team to replace them for next weekend, their bye week.
  18. boger2337

    Congrats To Morpheus! He Has Got A New Job!

    This was bound to happen. The poaching has begun! Notice it says past experience. Congrats to him!!! Glad to see him be recognized
  19. boger2337

    GT 7.5 Home Dog to UCF

    We are a 7.5 point dog. UCF is getting 65% of the bets and 99% of the early money. Over under opened at 62 and has dropped to 61 rightfully so. I assume this line will grow to about 9.5-10.5 by kickoff. Too much money coming in on UCF to hold at 7.5. The under at 61 looks solid. We will be...
  20. boger2337


    Lets go!!!!!