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  1. Big Tough NCAA at it Again!

    This reminds me of just how worthless and fundamentally dishonest the NCAA is. Seems GT always get the worst possible penalty for our wrongdoing (Vacate ACC Championship for doing nothing wrong....) but this example is even worse...
  2. Nice article on Derrick Morgan (speaking of Defense....)
  3. GT D-Line Plays on MNF

    Michael Johnson had a huge hit to cause a fumble and Vance Walker just had a sack. Proof it is possible to get good linemen to play ball at GT!
  4. GT Season Hype Video

    All - My son put this video together to capture the season highlights so far. He pulled key plays from each game and I enjoyed watching it. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well!
  5. Football Questions from Today's Game

    I have few questions from our play today, watching live and not having coach level football knowledge I would like to get your opinions. 1) On punt returns, we seemed to be playing for returns, yet they always had 3 guys on our returner forcing a fair catch. Was this our line not blocking...