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  1. Treb1982

    From the Seats

    So I was at the game today, just some observations. 1) Gibbs is the man and why we don't give him the ball 30 times a game is silly...2) Sims needs to study tape more; he can't make it past 2 reads and changes in coverages confuse him still. 3) We need a new defensive scheme ( without those...
  2. Treb1982

    Culture Change

    After last night’s game it looks like our fan base needs a culture change as well. So sick of people poo pooing on ours players. If I have to hear about their so called “lack of talent” I’m gonna lose my mind. It’s bad enough a-holes like Bradley write crap about them in the newspaper. Can we...
  3. Treb1982

    Road game Attendance

    My wife and I decided to make the trip down to Miami and spend a long weekend away from the kids. I was astonished at how few fans we had representing GT. I would guess less than 300 (mostly band and parents players). What is the cause? Money? (Doubt that) Miami fans reputation? Tech's record...
  4. Treb1982

    Just Curious

    Anyone else going to the game this weekend?
  5. Treb1982

    Miami FSU Game

    What do you prefer; a) A Miami win and a top 10 matchup next week for us? Or b) FSU win and an opportunity for Tech to have a 2 1/2 game lead on the canes? My vote is FSU win
  6. Treb1982

    Anyone else?

    Feel the same way now as they did at the end of the Gailey era. Just straight up apathy! I love CPJ's offense but 8 straight years with a sh*t defense has me not caring to watch the games anymore. There is no way VT scores less than 28 this week and there is no way we score more than 24 against...
  7. Treb1982

    This Week

    I've have now had 5 days to get over last weeks loss. We got beat plan and simple. However this weeks game has always been a bigger game since the schedule has come out. A win this week puts us in the driver seat to be 7-1 going into November. I know we are all disappointed in last weeks...
  8. Treb1982

    FSU @ GT 2015

    was looking at my ESPN and looks like we made number 1.... Who said you can't be number 1 at something winning only 3 games
  9. Treb1982

    ND's Kelly on cut blocks
  10. Treb1982

    Last Time

    The last time 4 of top 6 teams in the AP poll lost in the same week? 1990, just saying
  11. Treb1982

    Defense Issues: Lack of Talent or Lack of Focus

    Here are just my thoughts on the defense. In the 1st half our defense gave up only 4 first downs, 145 yards and 10 points. In the second half (obviously a much different story) Tech gave up 14 first downs, 383 yards, and 35 points. So my question is we were obviously talented enough to stop them...
  12. Treb1982

    Vegas Game Statistics

    Just some food for thought. Pro's GT is 4-0 against the spread after accumulating more than 280 yards passing in their previous game. GT is 4-1-1 against the spread vs a team with a losing record. GT is 9-3 against the spread in their last 12 games in September. Tulane is 1-6 against the...
  13. Treb1982

    More Bulletin Board Material

    CBS' so-called college football experts did their predictions for the ACC. One expert has us finishing 4th in the coastal, 3 has us finishing 5th, and 3 has us finishing 6th. I hope the players use all these media predictions as motivation...
  14. Treb1982

    Switching with Louisville to the Atlantic Division

    Interesting article. Thoughts?,0,1855012,