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  1. ESPN says we have

    okay. Kind of smarmy of me to "fix" a first name and I apolopgize.
  2. ESPN says we have

    What does one say about a QB who misses receivers and in one classic meltdown moment, throws the ball away on 4th down? And it's Tevin, not Kevin, which gives one an idea of how much respect he got. He could not run very well, could not throw at all, and could be tackled with two fingers, but...
  3. Today in Analytics...

    Whose toy did they break? Now that you have looked high and hard and found a failure, tell us about the right calls. They are paid to have opinions. And contrary, they are much better informed than a football message board.
  4. Sean Bedford hanging up the headphones

    Maybe I have been under a manhole cover. Seems I understated the walkon experience and can find no ?Dartmouth rference ,,, thugh he did play n Spain and is educated way beyond his intellect (Wikipideia.)
  5. Sean Bedford hanging up the headphones

    The walk on part may be overstated. He transferred to Tech from Dartmouth, I believe, where he played football. What can't be overstated is his conversion from a defensive lineman to center after Johnson saw him dismembering his O-line one day.
  6. Eddie Lee Ivery

    So a guy is writing a biography about somebody he knows nothing about and is depending on the kindness of football bllogs to give him something? Message to Eddie Lee: Run AWAY !!!
  7. Chaney

    It means he could not get a position coach job and is working his way back until an opening occurs. Lots of them do it.
  8. WR Coach Dixon to the Ravens

    I have a couple of friends close to a major football program. I would not be a football coach for all the money .. but wait. All they talk about off the field is money, and "forget what you hear about loyalty and how they love the campus. Wave more money at them and they are gone, just like...
  9. WR Coach Dixon to the Ravens

    Right here. Though I object to the description. I hate a limited number of people and don't waste energy on a mediocre coach who apparently is better at getting coaches gone than in getting them to coach on the Flats.
  10. 2022 Spring Football Practice

    Scots Presbyterian, in other words.
  11. Going on the Record

    Well, to keep his job Collins has to sweep the season and win two bowl games. Then we will talk;
  12. Going on the Record

    Wasn't he the guy who had to buy a new pair of glasses?
  13. What to watch this spring nationally

    You are on the money,\. There is something like 4,000 names in the portal, most of whom will no get picked up for that reason. Now having in effect opted out of their team's plans, most will lose their scholarships immediately. No coach wants a player like that around, consuming his...
  14. What to watch this spring nationally

    good points all.The red flag should have flown when they eked out a win vs. GT n the first game, so we should look out this year. Most of us, well, me at least, saw the glass as half fiull when they actually competed against Clemson -- we were coming back -- but it turned out to be more than...
  15. What to watch this spring nationally

    Exactly. The league is within a short leap of being in SEC territory.
  16. What to watch this spring nationally

    Anybody dismissing Clemson is in for a long season. Last year's 10-3 season might have been Swinney's best coaching job of his career because without an offensive line and without wide receivers -- a walk-on and a bench guy started the bowl game -- he finished October 4-3 and now rides the...
  17. Stansbury Podcast - Feb 2022

    and you think four wins is a marketable improvement?
  18. Hire Fast, Fire Slow?

    Doeren got the extension because a) he does seem to have solid teams every, and b) in 2031 State beat Clemson in two OTs, I think. Good coach, sour disposition.
  19. Hire Fast, Fire Slow?

    The best advice ever for me: know the difference in a guy with 10 years experience and the guy who has one year of experience repeated 10 times. Knowing that will make coming to work fun again. Good get. Interesting and unexpected. Dabo whose coaching line goes directly to the Bear. also is...