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    Class of 2025 Commits

    Dominic Stephenson C/O25| 3.9 GPA| 6’1” 168|PG #4 C Ga,OF, RHP|85 OF| 83 FB| 1.91pop| 6.93 60| 89-93 exit velo|Harrison High School|Yankees Baseball Club| @GTBaseball commit
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    GT Vollebees

    Not only playing a plethora of really good ACC opponents this season, but add in Ole Missy and Arky(Mutts as usual, a 12-17 rivalry team)a couple of 20 game winners in the 2021 $EC. ———————————————————————————————————— Alpharetta High School 24', A5 Mizuno Volleyball, Georgia Institute of...
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    2022 Atlanta Braves

    Anderson will be back for the DH this coming Saturday. It was a procedural move since he had options.
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    2022 Transfer Portal

    Notre Dame Trf.:
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    2022 Atlanta Braves

    I hear you, buddy. I’d build him up to you, if I could. That way us teaming up together would produce another 10 year-212 mm. contract. We both know pitchers don’t get the long term deals from the Braves. On the other Tech website, they want to send him down or DFA Ian Anderson. I tried to point...
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Oluchi Okananwa- Combo Guard//5’10” Worcester Academy 23’ | Mass Rivals 17U 3SSB//New offers include: GT, Vill., Providence, Rhode Island, Myd., UNC. Some of the early offers included William & Mary, Loyola, Columbia, Colgate, George Mason. Salem P-O-T-Yr.
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Updated- Offers by class year, position for Ga. Tech: Cori Allen, G, 2023: 2023 Nationally Ranked 5'10 Guard/ Tn Flight 17U/ Montverde Academy/Nashville Tn. Diana Collins, PG, 2023: TexA&M, USC-West, Ga.(new staff), Fla., NC St., GT. Reopened her recruitment on Mar. 23. Inés Monteagudo- 2023...
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Ines:|tab=roster GT in Tourney:
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    Lineup for 2022-23

    2022- Signees(2): -Freds Pauls Bagatskis Latvia (Latvia, LATV); 6-9 / 180 2G -Cyril Martynov UPLAY Canada; 7-0 / 233 Center -Transfers (2): Javon Franklin 6-7 / 200 SF Lance Terry 6-2 / 180 2G P-Walk on: William Emmer Nichols 2022 • Small Forward, Shooting Guard 6'6" HEIGHT 220lbs WEIGHT...
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    My apologies for a repeated posting of Paige Buckets in “other college sports.” The “Forensic Dude” has a panic attack if you post anything not totally related to Ga. Tech in this thread. Some folks don’t add much, but they thrive on being difficult.
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    Paige to miss season for UConn.

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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Chavez is a big time 2025 GTWBB recruit-
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    Class of 2024 - Baseball commits

    Two-way star-
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    2022 Atlanta Braves

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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)
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    NASA Stuff

    GT grad.-
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    ….you can’t get a court side seat in the NBA for $150, let alone a season ticket.
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Non-conference home schedule: Nov. 3 vs. Clayton State (Exhibition) Nov. 10 vs. Georgia State Nov. 13 vs. Kennesaw State Nov. 20 vs. Georgia Dec. 11 vs. Central Michigan Dec. 21 vs. Furman