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  1. Harrison Bailey

    Saw on 247 where he is in the transfer portal with a crystal ball to GT. Anyone know anything about? I think we could really use him here. Right person works with him and he could be really good. Curious to hear other’s thoughts.
  2. Defensive Line

    This has been a weak spot for a number of years. Do we have any legit recruits in the pipeline? Also, I know we have the transfer from UF, but what will the rest of the line look like next year?
  3. TStan Give Some Clarification

    I would hope by tomorrow afternoon that TStan would give us some clarification on why we ended up in the Quick Lane Bowl and more importantly where is he with the new head coach search. It just seems to me that the administration, which includes the President and TStan, is asleep at the wheel...
  4. Aaron Murray Comments What a jerk this guy is?! Lol
  5. Darius Commissiong Dismissed From ECU
  6. Louisiana budget crisis could threaten LSU football
  7. OL to DL

    Is there anyone we could move from OL to DL in the offseason? I know CPJ has said it is hard to convert an OL to DL, but it seems like we have some depth stacking up on the OL that could maybe lend to 1-2 guys coming over to DL.
  8. Refereeing This Past Year

    Is the refereeing getting worse? When I played football, we always knew that there could be a bad call here and there and to move on from it, but this past year I saw some calls that I still shake my head at. The Duke game was the worse officiated game I recall ever watching, the "fumble" call...
  9. The Defining Moment for me...

    All the talking heads(AJC and ESPN) keep saying when DeShaun Watson left the game, but for me watching this team all year, it was when the team huddled around Broderick Snoddy. After that, I said to myself we are not losing this game.
  10. Season Ticket Holders

    My season tickets are in CL2 and noticed that the seats right in front of me are always occupied by the opposing team's fans. I don't know if it is possible, but I wish I could have bought those tickets and gave them to military or service people for the games. Does GT have a central system...