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  1. Buzztheirazz

    CFP set

    Bama Cinci in the Cotton. UGA Michigan in the Orange. Go Big Blue
  2. Buzztheirazz

    Upgraded Seats

    With all the tickets these days being electronic should we have a system where you can be upgraded? Due to the fact that attendance has been and will be low if we don’t start playing well, should there be a system that moves you closer around halftime? Let’s say the tickets in the club level...
  3. Buzztheirazz

    Bobby Dodd Stadium @ Historic Grant Field

    The stadium is owned and operated by the GTAA, correct? I know we put in the turf to be able to have events as well. Is Covid the reason we are not utilizing this advantage as much as possible? I know a bunch of people in the Atlanta music scene(guy that does Shaky Knees and the owners of...
  4. Buzztheirazz

    4th & 18 or 19

    And you go for it? Hahaha. I defended these guys for awhile but that’s just laughable. Mods clean this up and put it where you see fit but I am at a loss for words. You basically gave BC a short field with 3 minutes left and gave them points and momentum going into half. This **** is...
  5. Buzztheirazz

    No UVA ATL chart yet?

    Got to come out today, correct?
  6. Buzztheirazz

    Coach Dave Patenaude

    Run the ball. Then run the ball again. Run it with Gibbs. Run it with Mason. Run it with Smith. If that doesn’t work. Run it with Sims. I know it’s simplistic but the reason we seem to be having issues is INTs. Don’t throw= no INTs. I should probably watch tapes of our 3 & Out sessions...
  7. Buzztheirazz

    Jordan Williams

    Any report on him? Didn’t see a replay or anything but he wasn’t putting any weight on his leg when he was going off. Hoping it was just a sprain and he’ll be back in a couple weeks.
  8. Buzztheirazz

    Where the haters?

    Hopefully this doesn’t get merged with another thread. State your case. This team is LIT and after a faulty NIU game we have our number 1 Qb back. Thacker and his 3-3-5 is shutting it down and Patenaude is using tempo(fast and slow) to wear down the D and set us up and burn clock. Now that...
  9. Buzztheirazz

    GT vs Pitt

    Handshake game. Let’s go!!!
  10. Buzztheirazz

    Keion White

    Any inside info as to where he’s at? stoked to have AC and Boyd back. I think we need the difference makers. I also see us dominating physically and covering this game. We hopefully won’t come out flat…unless we get kicked in the nuts early. Yates settled in late in the game. I only saw...
  11. Buzztheirazz

    It’s Game Week!

  12. Buzztheirazz

    Rankins and Ellison Done

    Michael Rankins is off team as well as Devin Ellison. Just saw on AJC and hadn’t seen it here. Ellison on Medical but doesn’t say anything about Rankins.
  13. Buzztheirazz

    Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    I think you go man and put Wright on Hurt. That guy is their best player and I think MW shuts him down. I believe that is the key to the game. Make someone else beat you. I’m actually a GT fan because of my grandfather. He was a Duke grad and I fell in love with ACC basketball at a young age...
  14. Buzztheirazz

    Potential NFL players discussion

    1. Jahmyr Gibbs GC 2. Devin Cochran GC 3. Keion White GC 4. Tre Swilling PJ 5. Jordan Williams GC 6. Jalen Camp PJ 7. Antonneous Clayton(although something is strange here, may could be an injury or looks like Tarzan plays like Jane or maybe a mental block or other responsibilities that he is...
  15. Buzztheirazz

    GT face mask

    Should we go to a really dark navy blue?
  16. Buzztheirazz

    Any chance ND gets snubbed? Final 4 prediction

    Watching the Arizona state/Oregon State game and the announcer was saying that conference championships should matter...blah blah blah. But I don’t think there is a way they don’t make it in because the selection committee wants eyeballs. The only other team would be A&M but people either love...
  17. Buzztheirazz

    Did we “Lose a drive”

    When duke punted, we fumbled for the score did we “lose a drive”
  18. Buzztheirazz

    My Sig Line

    Anyone who bet me this previous to last year? Tomorrow is the only game I will be at this year and I am owed. It’s been awhile since the bet was made but could collect tom, next year or just pull it off my sig.
  19. Buzztheirazz

    The Future

    Just created a new avatar. CGC and our other coaches got these two guys to come here. They are the future. Mason should be playing and Jamious is another reason we have quality depth at a skill position. We’ve been depleted by injuries and the loss of Cochran on the lines. This is still a...
  20. Buzztheirazz

    Place to rewatch game?

    Pretty sure gtbob got yanked off YouTube. When it switched over to ESPN2 it took me awhile to figure it out. I just started YTTV, had friends in town and was a little (LOT) drunk. I have been able to watch the highlights again but would like to watch game in entirety again.