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    Excitement for the 2022 Season

    TQM couldn't read the option. That's the fundamental tool that an Option QB has to have. All the other tools are "nice to have's". That one is a "has to have". It's like saying "he's got a lot of tools for a pitcher, pretty much everything except being able to pitch".
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    FanDuel has posted odds for 3 Tech games

    This may be a semantic disagreement, as I agree with everything you said. I'd be "surprised" if it crept outside 3-7, but I wouldn't be "shocked". I'd be SHOCKED if you won 10 games, meaning like "...I need to re-evaluate my understanding of things on a fundamental level"
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    FanDuel has posted odds for 3 Tech games

    Comes down to Jeff Simms. UCF, Pitt, UVa, VT, Duke, WCU, FSU, UNC all winnable games. All but WCU are losable, too. Wouldn't shock me if you went 1-11. Wouldn't shock me if you went 9-3.
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    LOLing to myself about the nature of hindsight and perspective

    I was just thinking back to GT playing against Aaron Donald in college, and thinking to myself "you know, maybe the random fans are right. Maybe this scheme just isn't cut out for big-time football. We can't even block Pitt's DL. Maybe given time to prepare, ANY team can shut down this offense...
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    Jamie Chadwell Coastal Carolina

    Our insiders were saying his history of NCAA violations scared off our administration. We hired bronco mendenhall. That weirdo couldn't be a weirder fit, but that didn't stop them. This was about A) Wanting to maintain a squeaky clean image (and, honestly, having Bennett hurts us in that...
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    Wait... nevermind
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    ....or Monken *ducks*
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    Let's go about this different only positive things ( Why will Tech win 6 games or more next year)

    1) UVA-New Coach and no talent 2) VT- New Coach and not much talent 3) Western Carolina-Easy 4) Duke-New Coach and no talent 5) Pitt-Picket is gone 6) UNC-Mac Brown:Geoff Collins::Sunny D:OJ He's simultaneously a better recruiter than Collins, and a worse coach. There you go, 6 wins.
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    2021 USMNT World Cup Qualification

    soooooooo, Djordje Mihailovic? (i have no idea if he's even of polish stock. Sounds more Balkan, maybe, but I can't think of any others)
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    Army finishes 9 and 4

    This is true, but not a single player on Army would have been offered a scholarship at Missouri. "after college, maybe you'll go to the NFL" is a significantly different recruiting pitch than "after college, maybe you'll go to war"
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    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I hear you, but without this thread, it spreads into other threads. This is the quarantine thread
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    Quez Jackson Declares for the Draft

    Fixed it for you
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    Beautiful plays

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    Beautiful plays

    They're a ton of fun to watch. Their ability to meld zone blocking with option backfield action (and vice versa) is fascinating, and changes the way I think about things.
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    Beautiful plays

    Interestingly, the first play on that thread is VERY similar to waht i'm breaking down from CCU. Slightly different, but when paired with the play I'm doing, it's even more confusion for the D.
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    Beautiful plays

    Uh oh...WHOOPS. Please move to there if I'm not following board etiquette, here.
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    Beautiful plays

    What CCU has done is taking Z and moved him into the backfield behind the QB, and they're going to option the end again, only now instead of optioning him with the A back mesh on inside zone, they're going to FAKE inside zone, and run counter option behind it. So the differences between my...
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    Beautiful plays

    The thing is, while it ends up looking almost identical to this play which has its roots in the Wing T and Veer bloodlines, what CCU is ACTUALLY running is a variant of split zone, which comes from a completely different bloodline. This is a convergent evolution thing where Dolphins and Sharks...
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    Beautiful plays

    This play, right here: So, at first glimpse, this is literally a play out of MY playbook. This is what I have drawn up. We call this: Queen Left Counter Trap Option Right It is a counter play off of our standard trap play, where the QB gives the ball to the fullback and he chases...