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    Discussion of Uga QB's along with a smattering of Clemson talk

    And people are still calling for Stetson Bennett
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    CGC on 92.9 the game Starts @ 3:00
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    DMo to SC

    Big loss
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    BC by the numbers Based on the numbers, this is a gm between 2 pretty even teams. Clemson wrecked our team statistics, but BC have some very interesting stats and alludes to what we have to stop to win. This is not your dads BC team. BC uncharacteristically avg just...
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    Couch Coach

    Here are a few gifs i decided to breakdown to give an idea of what happened on field vs. Syracuse Offense: A lot of style without the substance of scoring TDs or points at all. I believe Sims is the future but he is a freshman and will make mistakes. Currently, Sims has some BAD luck. Here...
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    The Official 2020 Color Debate Thread

    Queue the no navy crowd
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    What happened?

    VT was a thorough beatdown but we looked like we were confused, lost and couldn’t do basic, rudimentary football stuff. Ima breakdown a few plays on offense show why Saturday was a day to forget Blocking: This is so bad. This is a day 1 install play outside split zone. This one play sets up...
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    Film Study Team Breakdown

    What a win!!! Here is a few breakdowns on the good and bad from Saturday Offense Message board favorite had to be the under center runs. Inside Zone: This is an example what Pro-Style Spread mean. Formation your way to success Our personnel caused an alignment issue for Miami. 11 personnel...
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    Film Study Offensive cut ups vs. UNC

    I thought this was the 2nd consecutive week where we had a solid gameplan. I thought we had something with the read option that CDP could’ve called a little bit more. UNC front alignment made the blocking execution a bit easier for us to know who and where to block. This weeks reinforces what my...
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    Coach P vs. DC Bateman rd 2

    Thought i would try to get a feel for what Bateman would try to do vs. our offense and what type of formations and runs we should expect this Saturday. I’m not finished yet but this was funny seeing the swinging gate formation twice early on and it still not being effective lol This is what i...
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    Film Study OFF scheme vs. Temple

    This is a board based on content and making the fan base more knowledgeable, so i will try my best to keep it just about that Biggest gripe has been playing to our strength, not doing enough of a certain play and not have a gameplan. That couldn’t be the furthest from truth. Here Here we...
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    Offensive Gameplan

    What should it be? I’ll hang up and listen
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    Film Study GT Def Breakdown vs. Clemson

    Only did 1st Half and 1st drive Some good and some bad. Imo, this should should've been a 31-14 game instead 52-14 if we were decent at run fits DL was ok. Imo wasn't manhandled by one of the better OL but could've been more disruptive Pass rush was bad on both blitzes and winning 1 on 1s...
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    IBB 5 Matchups to watch

    The time is here. 2019 GT and the Coach Collins era is here!!! I want to focus on 5 big matchups in the game to keep an eye on which could be pivotal in the matchup vs. Clemson #1 Zach Quinney vs. Xavier Thomas Straight out the gate, Quinney will be tested by arguably the best pass rusher in...
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    2019 ACC Opponent preview

    Just a look at how good or dysfunctional our opponents and maybe it’ll reinforce your thoughts on the season/record or maybe make you think a little bit Clemson...
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    ESPN article

    Finally, someone used the proper adjective Revitalize!
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    Tech Defense

    Welcome to my world!!!! In this thread, i will try to give a baseline view of what we might see and what we should expect from a CGC defense. I tend to use 15 16 Florida Gators as my proxy, bc currently i believe we translate to what they had and what I foresee us to grow to be on defense. I...
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    No reason his waiver shouldn’t be approved now
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    Top 25

    In IG interaction. Pretty impressive and surprisingly 3rd in the ACC
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    Ole Miss

    Ole Piss is back on the schedule for 2022-23. I guess everybody wants to play now that the option is gone