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  1. UgaBlows

    Why has our defense been bad since 2008?

    We have a LONG trend going- 13 season worth of some truly terrible defenses (and 2008 wasn’t great either). we’ve had quite a few DC’s, some of whom definitely knew what they were doing (Groh) and others who went on to succeed after being fired from Tech (Wommack). What is the root cause of...
  2. UgaBlows


    Anyone know if Tech will be offering that tailgate experience on top of the parking deck across the street from the North end of the stadium this season?
  3. UgaBlows

    The unsportsmanlike penalties and targeting at last weeks game

    I was at the game, in the SW corner, didn’t really get a good view (or a replay) of the penalties that our DEF guys kept getting. We’re they legit? And does anyone have video clips of them?
  4. UgaBlows

    Jackets sweep uga in Crosscountry

    Suck it dwags
  5. UgaBlows

    Old Tech memorabilia

    So i found this old GT car tag at the flea market in Collinsville, AL this weekend and it got me thinking that i bet some of the folks on GTswarm must have some super-cool old GT memorabilia- tickets, programs, photos, jerseys, etc. Post up pics of your favorite Tech swag, i’d love to see it...
  6. UgaBlows

    MIA- Jerry Howard

    Forgive me if i missed this elsewhere but does anyone know why Howard is not playing much if any so far this season? Injured? In CPJ’s doghouse?
  7. UgaBlows

    My Sacrifice

    I pledge that if Bama steps up and defeats our evil enemy to the east next weekend that i will buy a camo Bammer hat and wear it exclusivly until the start of college fb season this fall, this is my sacrifice to help silence the hoard of barking idiots. What are yall willing to do?
  8. UgaBlows

    First Offensive Play vs. UT?

    is it too early to think about this? My guess- fake Triple-option play that is really a rollout and pass to a wide open A-back
  9. UgaBlows

    Bowl Game Pick'em

    Join up and play yall! Group name- GTSwarm.....password- thwg
  10. UgaBlows

    Our Offense

    I hate to come out and admit this but I am starting to truly dislike our offense, two straight years of getting shut down by good defenses is wearing down my love for CPJ and the spread-option. It seems like the top teams with fast defenses like ND, VT, Clem etc have figured out how to disrupt...
  11. UgaBlows

    College Pick'em

    anyone interested in having a GT Swarm college pick'em league this season?
  12. UgaBlows

    The effect of ND on the ACC

    I'm starting to think that having ND playing a ACC schedule is going to be very beneficial and fantastic publicity for the ACC in general. I realize that our upcoming game is getting a lot of attention because its a top 25 matchup, but the fact that we are playing ND is ratcheting the national...
  13. UgaBlows

    Vacated Wins?

    can anyone tell me what this dwag fool is talking about? Read it in this thread.. "I've never worried much about losing to tech..over the entire history of the series dating back to...
  14. UgaBlows

    Putting the gay in ugag
  15. UgaBlows

    Pruitt to Texas A&M?

    there's a bunch of rumors that Texas A&M has offered ugays DC 1.8 million. Probably all hogwash but this would really be a dagger to the balls for them if it happened!
  16. UgaBlows

    Flipper picks GT!

    Yes! We are a lock for the win!
  17. UgaBlows

    Whats the 411 on Duke?

    I haven't had a chance to watch Duke play this year, can anyone in the know talk about their strengths and weaknesses? Do they still run a lot of read option since their o-coord left for Florida? Or more pure pro style like before? Do they have a decent run game? how do they typically try...
  18. UgaBlows

    Call me crazy...

    I don't see anyone on our schedule that this team can't beat! Not saying its going to happen but i love their chances against anyone in the acc, they are riding high and full of confidence
  19. UgaBlows

    It's a Great Day!

    We won and ugag lost, the Best kind of Saturday in college football!