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  1. 305jacket

    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    If we don’t win 6 or more this year - I hope he is our HC in about 6 months time.
  2. 305jacket

    Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    He went 6 IP and 2 ER (with 11Ks) against the #1 team in the country - in our dreams we wouldn't have been able to ask for that. What an outing. Need the pen to finish the last 3 Innings strong.
  3. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Also the over/under is 20(!), next highest is 17. Sure to be some fireworks. Double digit runs will be required to win.
  4. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Vegas now has us favorites for this game, change compared to game 1. Definitely has to do with pitching matchup.
  5. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Tennessee fans all over twitter are shocked by how good Campbell was. They don’t want to face them again and want us to win. Hope we get them what they wish for and can show them a couple surprises.
  6. 305jacket

    GT vs The Camels

    Vegas has Campbell as the favorites for this one - with a game total of 14.5 - the highest of any game on the slate today. They really don't trust our pitching (can't blame them)
  7. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Would have rather been the #3 seed in Statesboro. Will be tough to beat UT twice - hopefully Alabama State can do some of the dirty work for us.
  8. 305jacket


    Realistically - we really need to avoid a sweep here. Miami went on a long winning streak but has cooled off lately, we might be able to this series.
  9. 305jacket

    Apathy has set in... Miami 2/9 Game Comments

    Those last 10 seconds changed the game I think. Really bad foul that kept us extremely short handed the whole 2H.
  10. 305jacket

    Any updates on NSD?

    Excitement around multiple programs today - and not a peep here. Sad indeed.
  11. 305jacket

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Gibbs will be a menace to SEC defenses under a competent offensive scheme, a strong OL, and other threats around him that take all the defensive focus off of him. This move was necessary for his career, wish he stayed, but no hard feelings. Business decision.
  12. 305jacket

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Godsey would not be a great hire. Dolphins fans are cheering the news and begging for him to go. Read the replies to this tweet. He has been a terrible playcaller from day 1, and the team looks terrible. As a Dolphins fan I welcome him leaving, but as a Tech fan I feel we are ready for more of...
  13. 305jacket

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Very happy to see he is graduating and getting a GT degree, he was a great contributor during his time and a great influence. He will do well in a G5 league, with 3 years of immediate eligibility he should be a hot commodity for teams to look for. It was clear he wasn't the guy for us moving...
  14. 305jacket

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    And he will also have a crappy OL here. I am more than willing to give him a chance, but I think we could have gotten a little more creative.
  15. 305jacket

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    As a rare combo of Dolphins-GT fan - :sick:
  16. 305jacket

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Kelly says an OC offer has been made, and its much higher salary than what we were used to before (thank god). A large factor for the staff was the low assistant coach salary pool.
  17. 305jacket

    Homecoming against VT to kick at 12 noon on RSN.

    Was hoping for a 3:30 on this one. Noon is tough for homecoming.
  18. 305jacket

    Ticket Exchange

    Looking to buy 2 tickets to the game against Pitt. Can be anywhere in the stadium (preferably cheap seats). Will pay $50 for the pair.
  19. 305jacket

    Ticket Exchange