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  1. Fan Day Observations

    No mention of this in any fan day/scrimmage comments!
  2. ProJackets Update

    Here’s hoping he makes the team and has an Andrew Economos type career. Doubt most Texh folks realize Economos played 9 seasons in the nfl, mostly with the Bucs. Long snapper, best position in football. No one knows your name(even if you muff a snap or two), d lineman can’t touch you and you...
  3. FSU @ GT in 2000

    Should have started off with a win in 1992 when b*** l**** team gave up the big lead to Charlie ward and company(my lay year on campus). Next several games were blowouts until tech started playing it close under O’Leary but never got over the hump until CPJ got the first ACC win against them in...
  4. FSU @ GT in 2000

    That series
  5. FSU @ GT in 2000

    Watched that last night too. Couldn’t remember the exact details of the game, so it was a good watch. Totally forgot about the horrible missed dpi call that ended Tech’s last drive. That wasn’t even close, but seems like FSU got the calls back then. Godsey certainly had an odd throwing...
  6. ACC Media Days

    Sims went to last year’s media days. Assume they want to give other players a chance to represent.
  7. B1G expansion?

    This makes total sense. USC hires a big time coach for huge $, have an obvious huge pot of NIL $ and buy the best transfer class. Now they want to join one of the two big $ leagues asap so they can start playing big time games at 3pm EST on saturdays to reintroduce themselves to the overall...
  8. Excitement for the 2022 Season

    I am excited to see if these coaching changes have an impact on the way our team looks and plays. Do they come out against Clemson looking like they mean business. Do the plays get in to both sides of the ball in a timely fashion, do we execute with minimal mistakes, does our head coach not...
  9. Excitement for the 2022 Season

    Blackburn was lean coming out of hs. Looks like they locked him in the weight room for the last year. Wow!
  10. Interesting Graphic On GT and College Fanbases

    Go to any northern big city and tell me how many Bama flags you see and compare to going to big southern cities and see how many Ohio state or Notre dame flags you see. Glaring difference. Nobody from up north cares about any of the southern schools and very few people transplant up there...
  11. Excitement for the 2022 Season

    This upcoming season is a blank slate in my opinion. The past 3 years of coaching had a lot to be desired, but most of that is gone. Anyone with half a brain could see the coaching deficiencies last year and have to believe that the more experienced hard nosed coaches that were brought in will...
  12. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Also, ESPN showed UK spring game last night. RJ adams repping at 2nd string center. Looked decent in the plays I watched. Assuming he may be competing with Franklin at center.
  13. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Watch burkhalters HS video. Kid has definitely has speed, a great motor and likes to hit. Just needs to learn how to wrap up and hit lower.
  14. 2022 Spring Football Practice

    Do you mean “career over” done?
  15. GT hiring former Miss St and Florida DL coach David Turner

    So, so Seems like I have seen this stat before….just change SEC to ACC. Has this problem plagued collins led Ds at other stops because it sure has been an issue at Tech. Maybe his vaunted defenses elsewhere have been able to make up for that weakness with much stronger play in the box but...
  16. Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    The people that draft the nfl busts(nfl owners) have a legitimate business interest in that player that can ultimately translate to on the field and financial success for their franchise. More wins = higher franchise value. Plus, The nfl has established rookie salary guidelines to maintain...
  17. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Jordan huff transferred to ECU.
  18. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Who is going to investigate them? The NCAA? They didn’t have the staff to properly investigate the minor things that were going on before NIL. I also thought that NIL couldn’t be used to entice a player to sign or transfer - but obviously no one cares given the Charlie Batch tweet. I don’t...
  19. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Just saw that Lucas Johnson entered the portal.
  20. 12/15 Early Signing Day: GT

    Look at rivals average stars. If you go by that, excluding rankings due to quantity, GT would be in the high 20’s….quality over quantity.