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  1. Towaliga

    Duke Game

    I know this is a couple of weeks early, but my daughter and I are thinking about going. Is anyone else making the trek? Also, since we didn't buy away-game tickets through GT (and I believe that window has passed), we would like to buy tickets near where the majority of GT fans will be...
  2. Towaliga

    Roll Call (and tailgating?) for Saturday

    Who's going to make it Saturday? We'll be in the upper north (218) down 3 rows from where we normally sit. However, since my daughter and wife opted out for this year, I only got 2 tickets. Also, does anyone know if tailgating will be allowed? I have found anything online yet (limited...
  3. Towaliga

    UNC Travel?

    Is anyone else heading to Chapel Hill? My daughter, a buddy, and I will be spending a couple of days in Pinehurst and go to the game. Does anyone know which sections GT fans will primarily be sitting in?
  4. Towaliga

    Signs for the UNC Game

    I really wish our students would get into the games more and get creative with slamming our opponents with signs, chants, etc. Some creative ones I would like to see include the standard "UNCheat", "Our players have class (and go, too)", "75% of the letters in "Tarheels" are used in...
  5. Towaliga

    If you guys think 680 is bad....

    If you think 680 is bad ( in many aspects I agree, but I will leave that argument for later), I was driving through Athens this past week and I thought I would tune into their local sports talk show to see what they were saying about the game the previous Saturday. First of all, to their credit...
  6. Towaliga

    Interesting But Accurate Song Choices at Sanford and Son Stadium

    At the game today, I noticed a couple of interesting song choices they play over their PA system. First of all, to start the game, they announced "welcome to Sanford Stadium and the University of Georgia", then play the song "Baba O'Riley". The unofficial title for that song is "Teenage...
  7. Towaliga

    Anyone Going to NC?

    We'll be there. After a round of golf at Pinehurst on Friday, there will be 6 of us sitting in section 201. Does anyone know where we can tailgate in Chapel Hill?
  8. Towaliga

    GT Returned Tickets to Athens Community College?

    I heard this being talked about on 680 last week so, considering the source, I thought I would reach out to a more knowledgeable group (i.e. GT Swarm) to get confirmation. Chuck and Chernoff were reporting that GT had returned several thousand unsold tickets to uga. If this is true, I'm PO'ed...
  9. Towaliga

    UNC/GA Officials

    Does anyone know what conference the officials for the Dwag/UNC game are from? I missed it earlier. They should be ejected from the game.
  10. Towaliga

    Question for TV Watchers

    Since I was at the game last night and I haven't been able to go back and watch my recording of it (I'm still recovering), I have a question for anyone who may have been watching on TV. A friend of mine who is an FSU fan was also at the game, and right after half time he said that the internet...
  11. Towaliga

    Illegal Cut Blocks at the Sanford Trailer Park

    During the game, whenever there was a dwag injury on the field, I would hear several dwag fans around me blame it on the "illegal cut blocks" that Tech does. I finally turned to my daughter and said loud enough to be heard several rows below and above us that cut blocks are legal and almost...
  12. Towaliga

    After Yesterday, I Never Want to Hear Another DWAG Whine About Jasper Sanks Again

    No message, the title says it all. (except to say that both times it was SEC officiating crews).
  13. Towaliga

    Should Winston Have Been Penalized/Ejected For Shoving an Official

    Winston pushed an official out of the way to get a fast-paced play off during their game against Boston College. I've heard that he should have been penalized, he should have been ejected, he was just caught up in the moment, his actions were "priceless" (per the announcers), the official...
  14. Towaliga

    Quote of the day from a Clemson Fan at the Game (Not Game Related)

    Just before the game started, I was in the restroom in the north stands, and 2 Clemson fans came in. One stopped and said, "Wow, their bathrooms are heated! How cool is that!" The other one looked at him and said "Welcome to the big city".
  15. Towaliga

    30 Degrees at 8 a.m. Tomorrow. Who's Tailgating?

    Weather forecast calls for 30 degreees at 8, warming up to a balmy 45 when toe meets leather. Who is going to brave the cold and be tailgating. I will be there with my daughter and her friend and, I hate to admit it, but I'm bringing a friend who's a dwag fan (please, spare the abuse, it was a...
  16. Towaliga

    Going to UNC Game

    Since my daughter and I will be in North Carolina this weekend visiting my mother in law in Pinehurst, we are going to go up to Chapel Hill for the game. I have never been to a game there, so I have several questions- Anyone else going? What part of Kenan Stadium are the Tech tickets in (I...
  17. Towaliga

    Favorite Play of the Day

    I just went back and watched the 4th quarter all over again, and I started thinking about all of the good plays from today, including JT's TD run that was called back on a bad call, the blocked field goal, the pass to Smelter when it was 4th and 15, the interceptions, and several others. I have...
  18. Towaliga

    GT Returning Tickets for ugag Game?

    An acquaintence forwarded me text from an email he claimed he got from the ugag athletic department stating GT was returning about 4000 tickets that they hadn't been able sell for this year's game. He didn't forward the from: and to: email addresses, so I couldn't validate what he sent. I was...
  19. Towaliga

    Joshua Nesbitt-Married

    I heard that Joshua recently got married. Congratulations to him! I also heard he is working on finishing his degree. You've got to admire him for returning to college after spending some time in the pros.