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    B1G expansion?

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    GTMBB offseason thread

    If I were Josh Pastner, other than shaving my sideburns, here is what I would be doing to improve the GTMBB team over the summer: Goals: Improve shooting and overall conditioning. Also, all these men will be getting more minutes in a GT game than before and must learn game tendancies. Kyle...
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    Thoughts on Jay Wright's retirement

    If you have never read the Sports Curmudgeon, now is a good time to begin.
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    March Madnesss memories

    A thread that might end up being totallly fun. My favorite March Madnesss memory was in the New Orleans Superdome to see Michael Jordan hit a 15-foot jumper to beat Georgetown. All along Bourbon St Caroliina fans chanting, "What the hell's a Hoya?" My only other memory is seeing us lose to...
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    NCAA Tournament

    Here (1st look) are some games with potential surprises: Winner of Rutgers/ND over Alabama - Bama has not played as well lately *** they did earlier. VPI will be a load for Texas. The Hokies seem to have found themselves late this year. Chattanooga could surprise Illinois who tanked in the B1G...
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    Retiring as a mod

    I am retiring/quitting/(taking a sabbatical) as a mod on the GTSwarm board. Some of you will say good riddance and I can understand that feeling. My reasons are multiple, but primarily I felt I was having friction with people on board that I like. I wasn't enjoying the discourse as much. I was...
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    Wildest 2 minutes of football - ever

    You have to watch it You Tube, but it's worth it!
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    Going long.
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    Should the Fire Geoff Collins thread be locked?

    Please vote once..
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    Lorela Cubaj

    I am starting this thread because I believe the most dominating athlete to ever wear white & gold should have a Swarm thread that has nothing but her name. She leads the nation in rebounding. She leads the nation in assist to turnover ratio. She might be the best defensive player in the nation...
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    Moses saw his first NBA action for the Clippers last night. I don't think it will otherwise be a memory. He played the final minute & a half and logged an assist.
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    NCAA Basketball

    I am starting this thread to post about teams/games not involving GT or other ACC teams. Start with Gonzaga v. UCLA on ESPN tonight. The game doesn't air until 10 PM so you probably should set your DVR to record it. These two are both 5-0 and ranked #1 and #2. A rematch of the NCAAT Final Four game.
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    CFP Discussion

    My bye week look at CFP: B1G champ SEC champ Cincinnati if undefeated Big 12 winner if undefeated
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    MLB Injured List

    The MLB season began on April 1st and has been ongoing for 5 months; here are some data: 756 players have spent time on the Injured List 445 of those players are pitchers Those players spent a total of 38,691 days on the Injured List Those players collected a total of $688,245,968 while on the...
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    Literature vs Engineering

    While I agree with you, have you read 100 Years of Solitude or Absalom, Absalom or Ulysses? Those novels do not prepare you for a specific career, but they enable your thought processes. From the view point of history, have you read the multi-volume books by Shelby Foote or Julius Caesar? If...
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    Surfside building collapse

    Question for one of you structural engineers. Given how long it's been since the oceanfront portion of the building fell, and the nervousness about the remaining portion, wouldn't it be better to bring down the rest now? You know it's coming down eventually. No one is ever going to live in that...
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    This is so sad.
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    Basketball uniform thread

    Watching the Hawks wearing the MLK logo on their uniforms today, I wonder if GT could benefit from copying, at some level, that idea. Thoughts?
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    Who's next???

    Two down and three to go.
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    NCAA v. Alston in the Supreme Court

    The oral arguments today faced questions from all nine justices that had the NCAA on the defense. The NCAA amateur model could be on the ropes and struggling to keep its gloves up...