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  1. LongforDodd

    Say it loud...say it proud, Fred Taylor!

    Hello Mods. I hope you don't mind.
  2. LongforDodd

    NCAA Swimming at the Aquatic Center gaining national attention

    We've all heard of the commotion that Lia Thomas has created in recent past. She is here, on campus right now.'s-championships/cp1433264002
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    More GT Men’s Bball winning
  4. LongforDodd

    It's beautiful day in the ATL

    The weather has been phenomenal here the past few days but this morning seems more pleasant than usual. I hope you're experiencing the same thing where you live. Have a good week!
  5. LongforDodd

    Fourth and Goal - what went wrong?

    Here is a three minute Youtube clip of our last four downs at Clemson's goal line. Fast forward please to the overhead camera that replays the fourth down at about the 1 min mark. I'm wanting to know how our pulling guard should have blocked this or if their LB just made a great play. Should our...
  6. LongforDodd

    What’s wrong with my iPhone during web searches?

    Sometimes when I do web searches on my iphone (primarily use DuckDuckGo or Firefox) the searches come back without any images or embedded attachements, if that's an accurate description of what's not showing up. More often that not the url address bar shows a url/address. I think this...
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    Pressley Harvin Makes the Guardian

    Edit: Never mind just saw the first post about this. Mods...delete this please. Sorry about that. Enjoy. Nice article from an unusual/different source.
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    Our field Surface question

    I assume our field is natural grass. Is it a bermuda variety (warm season) overseeded with rye?
  9. LongforDodd

    Is the youngest Braun at U of Fla

    I saw an OL on the field for Fla with Braun on his jersey.
  10. LongforDodd

    222-0 on ESPN at 6:50

    On Pardon the Interruption on ESPN.
  11. LongforDodd

    Butker 58 yds for the win

  12. LongforDodd

    The Varsity’s Future

    I heard from a superintendent who works for a general contractor who is currently working on campus that there is a sign on the door of the Varsity that alludes to it might be closing for good. It’s been closed due to the Corolla but I would think it’s a strong enough business to reopen...
  13. Pastner wanting ugag transfer

    Rodney Howard may possibly make the COFH switch to GT
  14. LongforDodd

    Butker to the Super Bowl

  15. LongforDodd

    Anyone drinks scotch with hard-to-pronounce names?

    I've been a beer drinker for most of my life but a few years ago I started into bourbon. I found a few that were different but now I'm bored. I'm on to Scotch now. Part of my interest is in trying to learn how to pronounce some of these names. So with that in mind, do any of you have a taste...
  16. LongforDodd


    Just kicked game winning 44 yd FG at the buzzer to beat the Vikings. guaranteed contract $6.5 mil.
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    What's a good synonym for Narrative?

    I think it's worn out and needs replacing. Discuss.
  18. LongforDodd

    GT Football TV Schedule rest of year

    Are our games only going to be on the ACC Network?
  19. LongforDodd

    Anyone watching Ollie?

    tied for lead on Sunday playing in 3rd to last group. On NBC.