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  1. LongforDodd

    2022 GT Football News Thread

    Sims, at least, has to be top 3 (maybe No. 1) fastest out of the pocket to 25 yds down field. His passing consistency, on the other hand, is his achilles heel.
  2. LongforDodd

    Question about cell phone etiquette

    Sit there in their line of sight and stare at them is about all you can do without starting a ruckus.
  3. LongforDodd

    2022 Transfer Portal

    It’s an “improving”academic school. Good luck to your son.
  4. LongforDodd


    A hand grenade could be thrown from Ukraine and blow up something in Russia. Not sending long range missiles because they could blow up something in Russia seems dumb.
  5. LongforDodd


    It seems as though Zelensky is running out of international support, if the news reports are any indication. Just don't seem much attention in the news reporting. Heck, even here in the Swarm the interest in this mess is diminishing. What we do hear about what's going on primarily in Donbas...
  6. LongforDodd


    Is this the beginning of the end for Zelensky and our $40b? I think he's running out of countries that care anymore.
  7. LongforDodd

    Good TV Shows?

    As typical, I'm a little late to this show but my wife and I really liked it too.
  8. LongforDodd

    Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    I looked at the GT app for the game and it showed only two guys in TN's starting lineup with BA under .300 (I assume those were season stats).
  9. LongforDodd

    Here's a thought

    We are getting no better results than what the Administration says is acceptable. In a sense, it won’t get any better until they’re on board with wanting different results.
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    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    This will be Sims third year in the system. Unless the new guy balls out in summer/fall he will be a backup at least starting out. If Sims doesn't respond with marked improvement after 2-3 years, it would be time to move on from Sims.
  11. LongforDodd

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I read yesterday on another site that we have 6 scholarship opportunities.
  12. LongforDodd

    Coaching Staff Given Extentions thru 2025

    Because his contract was extended, does it mean he is coming back now that his last son will be done? For the betterment of the program, when would the best time be to announce a retirement?
  13. LongforDodd

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I'll go to my grave believing that the family of a certain RB from ugag in the late 70's/80's had a new house built for them before their son enrolled in athens.
  14. LongforDodd

    Edge Renovation

    It may not boost it but it’s probably necessary to at least keep treading water. It’s up to the Hill/Admin to help us improve on most of the things that will improve our lot.
  15. LongforDodd

    Edge Renovation

    Just noticed this in an email they sent me. I don't know which Design I prefer but they both look sharp.
  16. LongforDodd

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    ...and sometimes the sewer pipe of the program. Not this one though.
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    Was that link to From there you can click on every player and see every shot. For as much as they control everything that goes on on the grounds, this is a great feature. I just went to Cink on 16 and that ball tried hard to find the cup with that last few degrees of path...
  18. LongforDodd

    Good TV Shows?

    We just finished watching it. Enjoyed it but Selena Gomez kinda' put me to sleep with her delivery.
  19. LongforDodd

    Sean Bedford hanging up the headphones

    Anyone hear who's throwing their hat in the ring for the next color person?