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  1. U.S. Army All-American Bowl

    Bruce Jordan Swilling - #29 playing LB. Who else do we have playing?
  2. Safety call

    Can someone explain the safety call where we intercepted, fumbled the ball outside the endzone and then recovered it in the endzone? The announcer's really did not explain it. Was it because after we ran it out of the endzone and fumbled no clemson player touched it, so its a safety? That call...
  3. Seminole blog lineman Derrick Mitchell said. “Citadel had a couple smaller guys but they were agile. Georgia Tech has a couple bigger guys that are still quick and can move...
  4. Duke vs Texas A&M

    Duke is rolling over A&M, but its still early. Listening to the Bobsie Twins (Palmer & Pollock) announcers, They are trying hard to come up with excuses for why Duke is winning so easily. At least they haven't thrown out the "Well, there not really SEC yet since this is only their 2nd year".