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  1. MonroeJacket

    Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    Alright. Time to derail this thread. Jk, but these unis do get me excited. Question is…are these the black watch? They look a little navy to me.
  2. MonroeJacket

    Who returns/leaves?

    Out of the seniors on the current roster, who do y’all think will return (if any)? If I had to pick three, I’m gonna guess Camp, Clayton, and Johnson. Camp and Clayton need film (and a full season). If Johnson still has classes, I say he stays. Clayton already alluded to he’s coming back...
  3. MonroeJacket

    coaching/QB discussion from Clayton thread

    What’s his take on our QB situation?
  4. MonroeJacket


    Starting lineup predictions. What say you? I'm clueless about the QB like everyone else. Who lines up at the other end opposite Clayton? I had Owens pencilled in there originally. QB: Jeff Sims 6'3 215...goin' out on a limb here. RB: Jordan Mason 6'1 218 WR: Jalen Camp 6'2 220 WR: Marquez...
  5. MonroeJacket

    Updated Roster Well, we’ll definitely look good getting off the bus. I counted 22 players over 300lbs. Now, if we can just block and tackle...and run, throw, and catch...and kick. We’ll have one of the biggest OLs we’ve ever had. Some notables... Jordan...
  6. MonroeJacket

    Poll: What in state team would you like?

    Pending there is a season, and said school decides to participate. Does Savannah State still have a team?
  7. MonroeJacket

    Corey Dennis

    Check this out. Still got it!
  8. MonroeJacket

    Incredible Story: Iman Schumpert

    Delivers daughter with his bare hands. Please read.
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    With the large number of head coaching vacancies, does Johnson get a call from anyone? If so, which school do you think it'll be? And is there currently a program that would be interested in him and he would leave Tech for?
  10. MonroeJacket

    Buzz Spotted at the CMAs!

    On stage with all of the other mascots during the Brad Paisley performance.
  11. MonroeJacket

    ESPN Jab?

    Dude on ESPN during halftime of this Toledo game just announced that Whisenhunt was fired, and tagged it with "Georgia Tech alumnus, of course." Other than Spurrier, because his college days are kinda notorious, how many times have your heard a mention of a coach's alma mater when they were...
  12. MonroeJacket

    Miracle On Techwood Drive (Gaudin's Call)

    Pretty historic call right here. Considering all of the circumstances, was the kick six the best moment/play in BDS history?
  13. MonroeJacket

    Field Pass w/ Lamar Owens

  14. MonroeJacket

    Dwags Taking Notice

    Some interesting comments about our team on there, as well as some uninformed ones.
  15. MonroeJacket

    Tailgate Roll Call

    The struggle is real. I'm making a tailgate roll call thread, but whatever. Just trying to pass the time until TML tomorrow! Where are y'all's tailgate spots, and what time are you getting to campus tomorrow? One more day!
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    Who will our starters be on Sept. 3rd? I think most are solidified, but there are still some question marks at some positions. Here's my prediction... Offense: QB: JeT BB: Skov AB: Snoddy AB: Searcy WR: Summers WR: Jeune LT: Chamberlain LG: Braun C: Burden RG: Devine RT: Joe Hard not to put...
  17. MonroeJacket

    Updated Roster Notables Weights: Shamire 366 Whitehead 217 MM 209 JHD 292
  18. MonroeJacket

    Is this real?

    Ridiculous if so.
  19. MonroeJacket

    Unique Photo

    PJ working out with the enemy on our turf. And apparently Gurley went to Harvard Law. :cool:
  20. MonroeJacket

    Good Look, Criminoles.