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  1. Eastman

    Report: Florida football players involved in confrontation with gambler

    Evidently six Florida football players are facing university discipline following an on-campus confrontation in late May with a Gainesville-area gambler using airsoft guns that were thought to be assault rifles. Maybe they are trying to jump ahead of the dwags in the most arrested rankings...
  2. Eastman

    QB training with virtual reality

    Interesting article on using virtual reality to train QBs I would think that TECH "...can do that" "Coaches already know how to make guys big and strong," Reilly said. "Now they want to figure out how...
  3. Eastman

    Torn ACL ends Duke middle linebacker Kelby Brown's career

    May have already been posted. Sad for the kid but not for Cutcliffe.
  4. Eastman

    Football Mill feelings?

    With some of the perennial powerhouse teams, it seems that every year is simply a reloading of great athletes. I always wondered what it must be like to rest in the knowledge that the 4-5 star running back that just graduated will be replaced a new recruit that many think may become even better...