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  1. What a week for Georgia Tech basketball

    Where can you get the T-shirt in that video??
  2. Returning players for 2021-22

    I agree with more size wing with Jordan & Moses possible NBA future position; I think Rodney would be the 5 starter at the center position. In the NBA, I see; Jordan (SG or SF) and Moses (SF or PF), a year playing those positions in college should increase their draft chances.
  3. Returning players for 2021-22

    That would be my dream team. At a minimum, Tech needs one of Usher or Wright to return to be a top 25 pre-season! Top 25 means ESPN coverage for all your games, leading to more highly ranked recruit's interest in GT!!
  4. First Round Hype Video

    LOVE IT!!!
  5. Josh Pastner got himself an ACC title before Louisville and Syracuse. Think about that.

    I took this out of the post about GT ACC champions!! Mind-blowing when you think about it. It was a Tweet from Adam Luckett.
  6. We're NCAAT Bound! (maybe)

    just Win Baby! Make the sweet 16 - All will be good regardless of how many teams are in the tournament!!
  7. David Didenko to transfer?

    Rumors of transfers coming in and not out??
  8. Game Thread - Nebraska, 12/4/2019

    When is Jose expected back????
  9. Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    I wonder if Sjo is being red-shirted? It would help spread out the log jam of the combo forward spot.
  10. Possible time to change starting 5?

    I guess it is time for the Coaches to earn their salary. CGB is just too timid. He shoot looks great, but he is not aggressive. I know Devoe had a bad night, maybe start him and let Jose focus on scoring at the being of the game? It will be interesting to see what the starting 5 is moving...
  11. Possible time to change starting 5?

    Thanks for the feed back. I just don't think Tech can survive with starting 2G, SF, and PF scoring 4 points. Some type of change is needed.
  12. Possible time to change starting 5?

    I know it has only been 2 games, but is it time to change up the starting 5? It seems like Alston is a hunger SR. He knows this is his last year and is playing with urgency. I think he should replace Haywood at this time. I love Haywood's shooting, but he his not aggressive enough on offense...
  13. Georgia Tech @ Tennessee

    Post of the night!! Great analysis with thought put into it.
  14. 2015 Schedule (most of it)

    I'm thinking ESPN (ratings) and FSU (extra prep time)requesting it, NOT Tech.
  15. 2015 Schedule (most of it)

    If Alcorn St. game can be changed, I would expect it changed. Can you imagine the preseason hype of the ACC championship game rematch to start the season? Both teams will be ranked. I am sure FSU would like to have the summer to get ready for the 3opt and not in the season with only a couple...
  16. CPJ Practice audio

    How long before Klock starts at LT?