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  1. gtrower

    ACC Spring Overreactions

    You’re optimism is something. But we’re fielding basically an entirely new OL (again) and Gibbs Is gone. We’re going to be worse on offense. It’s inevitable. You don’t subtract the likely Heisman from a bad offense and get better.
  2. gtrower

    Coaching Staff Given Extentions thru 2025

    Wow. Thought for sure he’d walk away with Colin. If we end up losing Ramsey before this extension ends it’s going to be devastating. Wonder what “associate HC” even means contractually. Also curious how much we’re on the hook for with Borrell as he hasn’t exactly shown much in terms of...
  3. gtrower

    2022 Season

    Agreed, and also worth noting that Arkansas wasn’t the only team playing midweek, and if other teams around them also won games against a tougher schedule then doesn’t it make perfect sense that they should get more credit than Arkansas?
  4. gtrower

    UNC Series

    If there’s one thing the ncaa loves to do, it’s give Tech a 2 seed and feed us to the #1 overall.
  5. gtrower

    GT vs KSU

    Nothing on Twitter yet.
  6. gtrower

    2022 ACC Baseball

    This is the kind of way-too-early-down-in-the-weeds-weekend-analysis I live for.
  7. gtrower

    Jackson State

    Probably for the best that this one got cancelled. We’re coming off a 14 inning game Sunday that already forced us to start Bartnicki yesterday. I’m sure the staff could use the extra day of rest.
  8. gtrower

    2022 Season

    Incidentally that same D1B podcast I mentioned above gave a shout to Parada as an early Golden Spikes candidate. And Tech as an ACC team that “maybe feels like an Omaha team” (along with ND and FSU).
  9. gtrower

    2022 Season

    And I’m saying RPI is not yet a good indicator of how strong/weak somebody’s schedule is. But if you’re arguing that it is, that RPI site says FSUs SOS is #5 in the country right now. I’m listening to the D1B podcast as we speak and they just unanimously agreed that in their eyes FSU has the...
  10. gtrower

    2022 Season

    I work for the Navy and they are infamous for throwing around random acronyms that everybody is just expected to know. I guess I’ve gradually succumbed.
  11. gtrower

    2022 Season

    I get your point, but our opponent’s RPI isn’t what’s important when calculating our RPI. It’s their record that’s important. JSU was 8-6 so that’s a decent midweek opponent right now with lots of Top teams playing minnows with sub .500 records. VT didn’t/doesn’t have a great RPI, but they...
  12. gtrower

    2022 Season

    The post to which I was responding was asking why FSU was ranked so high in the D1B poll. I suggested it was because they’re thought to have an elite weekend rotation and haven’t lost a weekend series yet. And the D1B poll seems to resist moving teams down unless they’re losing weekend series...
  13. gtrower

    2022 Season

    As others have alluded to, while it’s nice we’re #1 in the RPI right now, this is exactly why they shouldn’t even release the data until later in the season. RPI is not intended for this type of analysis this early in the season. Right now RPI is essentially grouping SOS (based on practically...
  14. gtrower

    2022 Season

    Did I say we had?
  15. gtrower

    2022 Season

    They’ve won all four weekend series and are supposed to have one of the better weekend rotations in the country. D1B in particular does not tend to weight sweeps much more than 2-1 series wins. Which is basically the difference between our records right now.
  16. gtrower

    Va Tech - ACC Play Begins

    Next week we have two against 8-6 JSU and three against 13-3 WF. Lot of big records coming up after that as well with the ACC performing really well OOC. As long as we keep winning our share, we should be up near the top of the RPI for awhile.
  17. gtrower

    2022 Season

    Clemson sweeps USCe who turns around and takes a series off #1 Texas on the road.
  18. gtrower

    UGA - Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

    I did after seeing two games. It’s my fault.
  19. gtrower

    Elasticity of Demand

    Idk know about marketing principles, but I am of the belief that my season tix this year should count as a donation for tax purposes. Because I could have bought the tix for the games I’m attending on stubhub for about $50 total.