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  1. Sheboygan

    What"s this? Vad Lee was a dual threat QB all along ? Interesting article about a VERY talented dual threat QB getting a chance to show what he can do..........and could've done ??? Oh well, water over the dam, right ?
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    New far.

    Admittedly, I can be overly optimistic at times. I generally tend to be a glass half full type of person anyway. Regarding the new hires ( so far ), I feel they have been good. Especially factoring in the money constraints we must have. I think Long and Tillman are definitely upgrades, and...
  3. Sheboygan

    Venable to Oklahoma as new HC

    Well, that may be the first of two at Clempsun. Elliot may be new HC at UVA......
  4. Sheboygan

    While we fantasize about Saban , how about we form a NERD conference instead ?

    This has about as much chance of happening , but while everyone is realigning , why don't we get "elite" by forming our own conference ? NERD CONFERENCE MEMBERS East Division Ga. Tech Vanderbilt Syracuse Duke Rutgers West Division Stanford TCU Northwestern Purdue Rice
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    What were we ( at least some of us ) thinking ?

    I am very disappointed in the way we played today ! I knew it was certainly going to be a close game, but our defense looked like last year. We came out unprepared and flat to start the game.......again ! I really had thought we were past that. No adjustments were made in the first half...
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    Grandma Talent

    Sports talking head Beau Bock is back on the air after his stroke. MANY years ago he coined the phrase that many of you are familiar with - Grandma Talent. For those of you not familiar, it means having recruited( or inherited) enough football talent that your Grandma could win games coaching...
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    Heupel from UCF hired at UT

    Josh Heupel was hired by new AD Danny White formerly at UCF Good Hire ?
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    Am I being too negative ? Help !!

    Unfortunately, this team ( for whatever reason :unsure: ) has 5 very glaring weaknesses : 1) Waaaaay too many penalties 2) Waaaaay too many turnovers 3) Waaaaay too many missed tackles 4) Waaaaay too many missed XP and FG 5) Waaaaay too unprepared to start a game Since we have quite a few...
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    Clayton had 2 sacks ?

    We were not able to see the game in Wisconsin. Looking at stats, I noticed Clayton had 2 sacks. Great to see him on the field more. How did he play overall ?
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    Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    Perhaps he is one of those coaches who NEVER shows his anger with a player in public. But almost every successful HC has to reach the point of an angry outburst. Kind of like a baseball manager charging out of the dugout to yell at the umpire. Teams sometimes need a kick in the A**, right ? Like...
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    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere. I thought the performance of both lines was outstanding ! The FSU DL was top notch and our OL moved them around to create running lanes and also gave Sims a pocket to pass from. Our DL ( without Clayton) put pressure on Blackman and slowed down their run...
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    Tomahawk Nation 9/8

    Was listening to this blog yesterday. They sound like they expect to be playing their scrubs by the 3rd quarter. A couple of guys expect a blowout for them. They seem to think they are WAAAY ahead of where they were last year. No question they have better athletes at some positions, but I am...