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  1. eokerholm

    2023 Season

    Nuke was right.... 35+ next year... with a covid clog option....
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    Class of 2025 Commits

  3. eokerholm

    2022 MLB Draft

    this will be a busy thread this year....
  4. eokerholm

    2022 Season

    GT has 4 in the D1 Top 100!
  5. eokerholm

    2022 Season - Gardner Webb 2/25-27/22

    22 season....It's on the books! Should I book my flight now? Blocking my calendar so I can :)
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    Summer League Ball

  7. eokerholm

    Who should make the next Thread?

    With the series loss, I don't want to jinx it. Especially against GA. Neuter Dem Dogs!
  8. eokerholm

    Category 1 Hurricanes this weekend.

    I’ll start another since it worked this weekend. Red flag warning but let’s take some the canes this weekend!
  9. eokerholm

    Clemson Tigers Series...Neuter the Tigers!

    Ok I'll start one for a change and hopefully better luck. Clemson had a weekend, sweeping Louisville. Need to deflate that confidence in Game 1 on Friday! Let's Go Jackets!! Get better every day. That is all you can strive for.
  10. eokerholm

    Cross Post - Tech Gear

    Hey GT football fans, not typical adidas gear, but thought I'd share. Pitching Ninja has a Swarm Colored shirt on pre-order for any baseball fans out there. Doesn't support the baseball team, but these are CRAZY comfortable shirts. Between my son (2021 GT commit) and me, we own 8 shirts. Roto...
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    Dream on 3! K's for a Kause!

    Worthy cause and happy to help support the GT Pitching Staff
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    Georgia Tech baseball adds Nick Ascue as director of operations
  13. eokerholm

    Amazing Renovation to Edge Center for Athletes.... $10M Donor Match

    Crazy impressive. Stunning. Hopefully it will be on scale and on par with Arkansas' facility for Athletes.... info on donor match up to $10M
  14. eokerholm

    2021 Baseball Season

    Different from the Schedule so I figured I'd start this thread. in case it required a membership....3 ACC teams in the write up Georgia Tech The Yellow Jackets feature one of the more unique rosters entering this spring...
  15. eokerholm

    If you're in town 9/10-9/14 Lots of GT signees playing at Lakepoint

    Wilson Premier Classic is in town at Lakepoint this weekend. Christian said there are 8 GT players on the roster including 21s and 22s. Not sure if it is free for Lakepoint TV, but an option to watch some of the Nation's Best compete. So if you're in town and around. Come on out. Going to be...
  16. eokerholm

    Class of 2024 - Baseball commits

    Ramsey hinted earlier, didn’t know what class grabbed a 2024 today.
  17. eokerholm

    It's about to hit the fan if it happens.

    Lots of rumors of college football getting canceled by Big10 and Pac12 tomorrow. God I hope not or at least the others don't follow suit. The guys have been back on campus and practicing, social distancing, and testing for over a month without issue or spread. We've been playing summer baseball...
  18. eokerholm

    Mike Fox retires from UNC. Forbes taking over

    Forbes was a super nice guy.
  19. eokerholm

    Congrats to Jason Varitek. College HOF

    Congrats to Jason Varitek being named a member of the 2020 @CollegeDiamonds Hall of Fame induction class! Message from Coach Hall (construction noise in the background :) )