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  1. Jd89

    Any updates on NSD?

    Too bad Atlanta didn't give Washington the rights to the name and likeness of Whatizit.....
  2. Jd89

    Future GT Football Season Slogans

    (Drop a) Deuce Squad
  3. Jd89

    Screw it. Its now Hate Week

    The only thing that keeps this a 50 point spread is that UGA needs to rest its players before the SEC champ game (unless they want to embarrass us for the fun of it). I think what will be interesting is the line on the total GT yards. I assume our total yards will be less than the final spread...
  4. Jd89

    Is this the worst defeat in our history?

    I feel like we are watching Bill Lewis teams
  5. Jd89

    Ugag vs. GT score prediction?

    It will be in the 40-50s and we may get 3. They will have sec championship to worry about so they will second string quickly against us.
  6. Jd89

    Another win this season?

    We need paddles as life support is failing us.
  7. Jd89

    Another win this season?

    Well we are getting skulled by Miami. I hate to say it but I think we are not going to win any other games this year. I am very disappointed in this coaching staff, in way over their head. A year or so of complaints and we will bring in the next coach. Collins et al has maxed out.
  8. Jd89

    Collins report card after 2 seasons

    Overall B-. Hard to coach a freshman qb to not make the mistakes he made. The phrase “money down” and graphics to support it on the big board, F-. So dang stupid and contrived, the other teams laugh at us.
  9. Jd89

    Clemson Post-game Thread

    Dabo is a classless hillbilly. He needed a splash to assure the winner of the Bama/UGA game didn't jump them. However, you don't do that within your conference because that sh*t is karma and it doesn't help them from a strength of schedule standpoint (I wish Bama would have jumped them due to...
  10. Jd89

    Clemson Post-game Thread

    Dabo ran up score for style points give Bama and UGA play tonight.
  11. Jd89


    Great offensive outside of an underthrown pass. Defense, wow that is porous.
  12. Jd89

    Starting QB speculation

    My dad was at GT during that time. He said they hated Bama because they came out snd “surveyed” the field in their suits. I now see what he meant. Thanks.
  13. Jd89

    Next schedule brutal... whatever

    Quick 2 cents. I would rather play a nasty schedule and pull off a lucky win from it than a cream puff schedule and the cream puff get the lucky win. This year, I would have much rather lost to ND handily than to the Citadel by luck. Our loss was the butt of many jokes (although considered...
  14. Jd89

    Vols OL Grad Transfer comes to GT

    Hey, who needs offensive linemen with experience? Uh ,we do. I don't care about his stars or reasons (although I assume a GT engineering masters is one reason). If Key liked him enough to bring him in and assuming Key is a much better assessment of OL talent than all of us (we, including...
  15. Jd89

    Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    I think people like Collins because (1) it is his first year here and have some patience with change and (2) he is someone who wants to be at GT, even with it somewhat sh-tty Fans and limited financial support. You may get exactly what u want and have an 11 win trade off but you can’t make that...
  16. Jd89

    Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    I think the boards would agree that an 11-3 season is fun but they would never tolerate the 3-9 season, look at the vitrol for a 2 win (so far) coach playing with another person's players. Not that it matters all that much since the real issue to discuss is how long Collins should coach...
  17. Jd89

    Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    He definitely was good at clock management and play calling...when we were ahead. However, it was a given that if we were behind by more than 7 points, it would take a defensive miracle to make up the gap. That was one of my most frustrated issues with CPJ, he wouldn't change no matter what...
  18. Jd89

    Poll - What is a reasonable amount of time for Collins to be given?

    So I know a ton of folks thinks that CPJ's coaching was unprecedented, but if you look at the stats, it wasn't as great as it seems: - His winning record percentage was 0.580 with a bowl record of 0.333, while Chan Gailey (whom he replaced) was 0.579 with a 0.400 bowl record. - He is 4th in...
  19. Jd89

    It’s Yates Time...period

    This is the same quote used to describe Bobby Dodd's first season after taking over for Alexander...
  20. Jd89

    We used to have one of the most beautiful real grass playing turfs in college football

    There was an interview with the head groundskeeper in the AJC last week. It had to be done from a damage control perspective, it would have been a total goat track by the UGA game if not addressed now. This has nothing to do with the coaches...