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  1. kg01

    College Soccer at GT?

    Which of you weirdos knows anything about the potential of adding soccer programs at GT? Just wondering, in general. We all know the BOR or whatever governing body would kill it when they get the chance, but who knows. kg02 and kg03 would love the option of playing for a real school if/when...
  2. kg01

    Dwayne Haskins, former OhioSt QB, dead at 24?

    Not many details at this point, but he apparently died after getting hit by a car last night? Terrible news.
  3. kg01

    Season Finale vs. Boston College

    Man do we make things hard. Today was like us needing to put a bandaid on a papercut but ended up delivering a baby instead. Sheesh
  4. kg01

    #GTvsDUKE - Not all heroes wear capes

    Watching the replay. Unsung hero alert. Anybody notice the #get-bak! coach feverishly holding back the cresting tide of players, coaches, and other personnel spilling onto the field after the GWTD? While our collective gazes were affixed to what can only be described as the finnest air-banjo...
  5. kg01

    kg01's cool (or not so cool) nickname

    Can you guys give me a cool nickname like 'Sneak?
  6. kg01

    How do you like your crow?

    I like mine with fava beans and a nice chianti ..... Cmon in. I can't be the only one that fell off the bandwagon in past years.
  7. kg01

    Moses Wright: 2021 ACC Basketball Player of the Year

    "Oh but cagey, you put this in the wrong thread." - slackjawed yokel Ah what the heyul else more important are y'all talking about? Tremendous accomplishment, deserves to be mentioned all over the site. Do your life a favor and check out the discussion...
  8. kg01

    NBA Offseason: Giddy up

    Ok, I get it. NBA isn't for some of you. That's fine. But ya know what else isn't for you? This thread. So ... Now, where was I? Oh, NBA offseason. The fireworks are gonna start pretty soon now that the CBA 'n stuff have been agreed upon. There's a lot of exciting stuff going on with a...
  9. kg01

    RIP Sean Connery

    Passed at 90. One of my favorite actors. Just a real cool, brother. You da real James Bond, sir. I hate 2020. Did anything good come out of this year?
  10. kg01

    Sims: Week 5 Rookie of the Week

    Seems some may have gotten confused by ... someone bumping the other thread. Besides, Sims deserves his own thread anyways so ...
  11. kg01

    Show Yourself, Devoe-Hater

    You know who you are. All last season in chat, some guy was telling anyone who'd listen how Devoe sucked. We kept telling him Devoe was a stud, just needed seasoning. Well, where are you now, phantom poster? I got some crow for ya. Served Cajun style with a side of red beans n rice.
  12. kg01

    "Free" Never Wins a Bidding War!! -- Mike Self

    Never forget!!! Friggin Avenatti is not the hero we deserve but he may be the hero we need. He's the only one questioning the Tobacco Road Mafia.
  13. kg01

    Happy Independence Day

    Thread title says it all. Go do something some other country wouldn't let you.
  14. kg01

    Good TV Shows?

    So I just watched the last 2 seasons of the Americans .. man, what a finale ... so I'm looking for some good TV show suggestions. I'm into season 2 of The Punisher and True Detective right now. Any thoughts for after I'm through those? I think we had a similar thread before but couldn't find it.
  15. kg01

    Game Thread: 1/2/19 7:30 USC Upstate

    We got a game today against something called USC Upstate. Hopefully we see some progress before our ACC slate starts.
  16. kg01

    UGA Game Thread: Redemption Road ...

    ... is paved with dawg bones. Look. I get it, Jackets. You've had your backs patted after the R-Kansas game. I get it. That usually spells doom for us since GT, for some reason, simply cannot deal with success. We have to play in the underdog role. I been around since the early 90's so...
  17. kg01

    Redemption Begins Tonite!!! - R-Kansas Game Thread

    Jackets are in R-Kansas tonite. Game's at 9 Look, I get it. Things look bleak. The Gardner-Webb performance was a downer. We got a "Fire CJP" thread going. SMDH Most of the basketball guys on the board have left us to our...
  18. kg01

    Maryland Football ... issues

    DJ Durkin was one I'd always wanted us to target as DC. Was surprised when he got the Maryland HC gig. Seems things have taken a dark turn for him after the death of an OL during summer workouts. Stories of a "toxic environment" are coming out now and Durkin has been put on administrative...
  19. kg01

    Major Rule Changes after FBI Stuff

    Still reading over these: But here are some bullet points from the link which I thought were important: Why in the heyul would they previously not be able to use...