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  1. If the ACC scraps divisions...

    Clemson, Duke, + whoever makes sense historically. We’ve played Duke more than anyone but Georgia I believe.
  2. ESPN says we have

    We were 95th in scoring and 92nd in total offense. I wouldn’t call that losing production. More like losing lack of production. Not a knock in the guys, just a result of poor scheming. Individual plays weren’t terrible, but it seemed that there was no rhyme or reason to when and why we ran...
  3. CGC on 680 this AM

    To sum it up I want him to be honest…and he’s not. He can be honest and not trash players or the team.
  4. CGC on 680 this AM

    Guaranteed? Ok. You going to stop the boosters from buying him out and firing the AD?
  5. ZERO commits

    I agree. That dude can play. Pretty solid contributions as a true freshman. And Deivon is getting better. We need a big that can contribute. Howard has looked better the past few games, but his hands are still his weakness. He’s playing faster now though, so I’m still hopeful he can develop. We...
  6. GT vs. FSU, Wednesday Jan 26 at 9pm

    Loved watching that one! Got very frustrated a few times when our offense went anemic again, but the difference last night was how well we played on defense. It’s like it finally clicked with this group. I hope we can make a run and pick up some wins and then just see what happens in the ACCT...
  7. Why punt? Ever.

    Stats normalize to the average. Problem is that some teams are below average and some above. If a below average team follows this philosophy they are going to end up on the losing end. In 2014 we could have played this way and probably done really well, but I’m not sure it would have turned any...
  8. What does Michael Cunningham have against

    **** I know man. We lose two all ACC players who basically played every minute and everyone just expected two other guys to step in and look great. Even if we’d signed key talent at those positions I doubt our record would look much different right now with a COVID pause and injuries - maybe a...
  9. OC Chip Long Press Conference

    FIFY - If you're going to poison yourself with a carbonated beverage it might as well be with beer instead (y)
  10. Should the Fire Geoff Collins thread be locked?

    Lock it under after week 3. By then you’ll know what’s going to happen anyhow.
  11. 2022 Schedule??

    Here's what's known so far So we only have 5 games at BDS this year and one at MBS. Three of those six are in September. So in October and November combined we have 3 home games and 6 away games. Yikes... We could very easily be 1-2...
  12. Roster management

    Agreed. His mood seems up and down. And he’s great and I’m not sure where we’d be without him, but he seems to disappear at key times. I wish he showed the drive he had in the Georgia game every night out - even when all the shots aren’t falling like they were that night.
  13. Locker room issues?

    So if this has indeed been a problem then the staff did a terrible job dealing with it. The way these things work is you give the guys time to buy in. If they don’t after they’ve been given plenty of time then you sit them down and have a talk - “you need to get on board or you won’t play - we...
  14. Roster management

    Yeah, that’s my point. Those guys developed into great players. Even though everyone was happy with Jose Im not sure anyone was predicting he’d be one of the best 10-15 players in the league. And I GUARANTEE no one ever thought Moses would be ACCPOY. Maxwell and Coleman look like they are...
  15. Boston College 9:00 pm on Wednesday

    Sure, but then you’d have growing pains of trying to learn a new offense. This was the fastest way back to looking better of offense. The tough part is that it basically lets the other team dunk all over you all game (as we saw), which will backfire against anyone (see last night) but even more...
  16. Roster management

    I’m curious what your thoughts were of Jose and Moses when they signed. They weren’t exactly DPOY/POY back then and many wouldn’t have considered them All ACC caliber.

    Bama had 10 starters out by the end of that game. Yikes. Now we know Georgia is barely better than their 2’s

    They’re going to lose
  19. Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    Sigh…we just won the conference and right now have the best recruiting class in years and everyone wants to cut ties. We are basically a little development and one piece (5) short of contending for the conference again. Not gonna be this year, but not exactly time to panic.