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  1. TooTall

    Its Hate week

    Any advice for parking for the game Friday? THWg
  2. TooTall

    Does this count as NIL?

    Pretty impressive article, but not sure if this will also include NIL. GT sets its players up for the long run, but now the tide is turning where they need to be set up for the short term.
  3. TooTall

    Enmark Hockey Classic

    Anyone headed to Savannah this weekend for the hockey match up between uga and GT?
  4. TooTall

    GT vs. Ga Sou

    GA Sou lost a ton of guys 2 years ago and were very vanilla on offense, but they do have a very good coaching staff. Have yet to see them this year, but hoping the Jackets will make quick work of them. Post game dinner at the new Fox Brothers Warehouse location! Section 107 come and say hey!
  5. TooTall

    Get out the Flea Spray; GT Traveling to the pound Friday Night Lights! [email protected]

    Who will be at this pre-Clean Old Fashioned Hate game? I'll be over in Section 107.
  6. TooTall

    404 Tailgate

    What is the verdict on this? Pricing? Variety? Taste? I haven't been yet and was wondering what yalls opinion was. The pregame food prices inside the stadium are great imo, but looking for something more.
  7. TooTall

    My 2 cents

    I'm posting this against my better judgement, but will not read any replies to save my blood pressure. I was at the game and I rewatched it Sunday night. I had a 3 hour drive back home after the game to read all pages of the fire our coach thread. I'm not there yet, because we can't afford to do...
  8. TooTall

    Ross Statue

    With the season just 3 weeks away, many of us will be in Callaway Plaza for pre-game festivities. We will be among Dodd, Alexander and Heisman. But what about Ross? Just wondering if there has ever been an attempt to have a statue of him erected? This would have all 4 coaches who have led us to...
  9. TooTall

    Expansion Talk 2021

    With Oklahoma and Texas inquiring about the $ec, how hard does the ACC go after PSU, OSU, Michigan and ND(already in our sight according to commish)?
  10. TooTall

    Peachtree Road Race

    Anyone doing the Peachtree next week? I'm in group H on Saturday. I'll be wearing an umbrella hat, just to stand out ya know lol.
  11. TooTall

    Former GT Coach Benny Dees passes away He was the second women's head coach at GT, after a few years as an assistant for the men's team in the late '70's. I worked with him as a summer intern down here in south GA during my college years when he was coaching high school in his...
  12. TooTall

    The enemy of my enemy is my...

    Allegations are made of course but could this lead to anything? It's like the worst kept secret in the world but Colonel Klink "...see nothing!"
  13. TooTall

    2021 season tix

    Anybody heard anything about season tickets yet? My account rep has been resigned in the GTAA so I don't have a good contact. The ACC schedule is too be released this Thursday and therefore our full schedule will also be released. I know Georgia Southern is already taking renewals and selling...
  14. TooTall

    CGC impact

    Just wanted to post this. I don't remember a professional team or college team using the area code as a rallying cry for the fan base. 404 was started by CGC and looks like Urban is trying to copy him down in Jacksonville. Now we all know Ludacris was using area codes in the 90's, but not in the...
  15. TooTall

    Breaking News!! Artificial Turf Feel free to discuss. I got my popcorn ready for this one.
  16. TooTall

    Spring Game

    Any word as to whether the spring game is still on?
  17. TooTall

    Football and health I'm not certain, but I think this makes the 4th or 5th kid that CGC has coached that has passed away since he has been here. (not blaming him in any way shape or...
  18. TooTall

    Coaching Ranking by E$PN Dodd is 21. Heisman and Johnson also make the list of the top 150. Only thing that bugged me is the last sentence of the dooley passage: "dooley remained a fixture in...
  19. TooTall

    To all the Vets

    To all the veterans out there, thank you for sacrificing to allow us to complain about things that dont really matter. Thank you and God bless.