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    @Clydebrick where are you?😉

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    A question from a moderator to GTSwarm posters

    I've spent the good part of my weekend monitoring threads, cleaning up posts, answering questions/complaints on what is supposed to be a GT FAN blog. As moderators we are expected to be publicly neutral, which means we have to set aside our personal feelings about players, coaches, GTSwarm...
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Your top 3 songs, no wrong answers. Mine: Things Goin' On Don't Ask Me No Questions Ballad of Curtis Loew
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    September 11, 2001

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    Funny Stuff

  6. Milwaukee

    The Official 2019 Adidas Swag Thread

    New swag for the -27° mess today.
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    Hate Week Media #GTvsUGA #THWG

  8. ATL1

    2018 GT Football Season - General discussions

    I don’t see Mason & Howard as a step down from Kirvonte at all, care to elaborate?
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    Virginia Tech Week Media

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    Bowling Green Postgame

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    In Answer to Those Who Expect More GT Innovations...

    Sports Technology Innovation Georgia Tech academic and athletic units are working together to advance ideas that benefit athletes on and off the field. “Our vision is to establish Atlanta as the world leader in sports technology and...
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    Pre-season FB team activities

    First off-season challenge = dodgeball
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    Heaven has another Yellow Jacket fan!

    This morning the biggest Georgia Tech fan I know made her way to Heaven. @SavhGTMom quietly, peacefully passed with her family surrounding her. Her name was Jane Coursey and she was not only my Mother but she was my best friend, my biggest champion, and the ONLY reason #IGotOut in March, 1983...
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    Grant Aasen "Answering His Calling" Grant Aasen agrees and is ready to make his next move. But the Fayetteville, Ga., native's next move isn't going to be at Bobby Dodd Stadium and won't be measured in yards. Instead, it will be at Notre Dame Seminary in New...
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    2017 GT UDFAs

    Francis Kallon to the Steelers PJ Davis to Jacksonville
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    Dwags stadium to get $63M upgrade

    Georgia approves $63 million Sanford Stadium enhancement
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    ACC All-Bowl Team Georgia Tech’s ground game was stellar in its bowl game, highlighted by Mills’ 169 yards, with Burden leading the charge on the offensive line. Hines’ 100-yard kick return for a touchdown was the...
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    Way-Too-Early 2017 ACC power rankings 5. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Coach Paul Johnson never stays down for long, and the Jackets’ late-season surge reminded fans how dangerous this team can be. Justin Thomas is gone, but...
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    The Savannah Tire Hockey Classic January 13-14

    The Savannah Tire Hockey Classic is a collegiate hockey tournament that features four of the South’s most exciting hockey programs: University of Georgia, University of Florida, Georgia Tech and Florida State.