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  1. jwsavhGT

    Go Wolverines!

  2. jwsavhGT

    ProJackets Update
  3. jwsavhGT

    Favorite Holiday Drinks

    Chocolate martini...I would attach a picture of tonight's libation but the picture won't upload.
  4. jwsavhGT

    What would it take this year for you to be open to the idea that we're on the right track?

    @CuseJacket in reference to your query about why choose "There's nothing CGC can do..." I have to say the @cthenrys was very eloquent and put into words most of my feelings. My gut reaction to CGC has been from the beginning "used car salesman" and I just can't shake that feeling when I...
  5. jwsavhGT

    Ice Cream

    Mayfield's Cookies & Cream is good.
  6. jwsavhGT

    Ice Cream

    @slugboy you've not heard of the new kitchen appliance called a freezer?😁
  7. jwsavhGT

    Ice Cream

    New favorite...Magnum Double Cookie Crumble
  8. jwsavhGT

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome aboard and thank you for your service.
  9. jwsavhGT

    Krispy Kreme on Ponce

  10. jwsavhGT

    Merry Christmas

  11. jwsavhGT

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome aboard