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  1. Ben Jones

    Monday practice notes

    Laskey said he'll be back for NCST
  2. Ben Jones

    A big shout-out to Mike Sewak

    Well said 33
  3. Ben Jones

    Dwyer Arrested?

    Let the facts play out. I know a former teammate that he played with that tells a different version that gives a lot more backstory.
  4. Ben Jones


    We are in year 7 of this regime and it seems as if we are stuck in third gear.
  5. Ben Jones

    Imagine if...

    It wouldn't be that big of a blow because they have Chubb, Marshall and Michel.
  6. Ben Jones

    Imagine if...

    Our defense is bad. There is no other way to coat it
  7. Ben Jones

    GT - GSU Post Game Thread

    A certain safety is Not good and I have said that since day ONE Defense is atrocious Year SEVEN of this regime and I see NO light at the end of the tunnel. It should be plug and play at this point. Tired of excuses, I want results! I will continue to support the team but we need a changing of...
  8. Ben Jones

    Tony Zenon

    What a great young man!
  9. Ben Jones

    Just met Joe Burns

    So what did Joe think of the current regime?
  10. Ben Jones

    UCLA's unis are sharp

    Love the gold and navy on their unis.
  11. Ben Jones

    Initial Impressions

    I agree Atomic. I am very disappointed in today's performance. I didn't have high expectations for this year. We need more Will Bryans in this class to make us nasty! Will reminds me of Nate Stimson, one mean son of a gun who has an attitude and can back it up.
  12. Ben Jones

    Practice #1

    If we didn't have bad luck we wouldn't have any at all
  13. Ben Jones

    Another good GT Football Blog

    I actually agree on not liking soccer
  14. Ben Jones

    That '09 GT posse is at it again

    Points go to Morgan for better looking camp shirts
  15. Ben Jones

    2014 uniforms

    Coke is too stupid to have done that on purpose. A blind squirrel will find a nut every now and then. Bubble wrap jerseys are hideous btw
  16. Ben Jones

    Pre Season Thoughts

    Jean, I love tech more than just about anyone but seeing will be beelieving. I will support the team but not get any hopes up. Anything above 8 wins will be gravy. I want to see PJ earn that money this year
  17. Ben Jones

    Pre Season Thoughts

    I wish I was as optimistic as most of y'all. PJ is consistent, so I don't see more than 7 wins again.
  18. Ben Jones

    Brad Waggoner

    Message me too, please. Thanks