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  1. AE 87

    1st Game est. PPD (too early)

    For those not familiar with my estimated PPD stat, it only counts scrimmage scores and typical drives. All TD's are worth 7 pts, regardless of P.A.T. Georgia Tech had 2 rushing TDs, 1 Passing TD, 3 FG-att (0 for 3), 3 punts, 2 failed 4th-dns, and 1 turnover. So, we had 12 drives for 21...
  2. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    As I've posted in previous threads, PPDvPwr5 (points per drive vs power 5) is a calculated raw statistic like points/game or yards/play. The only accounting for schedule strength is in only using data from power 5 (or BCS AQ earlier) opponents. It also only accounts for scrimmage scores...
  3. AE 87

    Too Early PPDvsPwr5 Rankings

    Obviously, my points/drive stat is more susceptible to strength of schedule this early in the season, but I thought I'd go ahead and give it a go. For example, it's possible that Temple's games against Maryland and GT are not really representative of their strength against the Pwr5 generally...
  4. AE 87

    Together We GTSwarm?

    First of all, let me admit up-front that I don't claim to be perfect in following my own suggestions here. However--and some may disagree--this forum developed a real bad form over the last couple of years which I would encourage us to try and avoid. I'm going to start with two suggestions. I...
  5. AE 87

    Clemson Preview -- Pts/Drive

    Ok, for those who don't know, I calculate a Pts/Drive stat for offense and defense. It's based on 7pts for every scrimmage (rushing or passing) TD scored for offense or allowed for defense. So, special-teams and turnover scores as well as safeties are not counted. Obviously, made FG's count...
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    Group Conversation?

    Is there any way for me to group certain users together under a single label in the "Start a Conversation" feature?
  7. AE 87

    Jackets over FAMU

    Decent with 11 guys with points, iirc. Most GT thing? Two guys bricked uncontested dunks.
  8. AE 87

    Senior Appreciation Congratulations Brant Mitchell

    He's not always been a fan favorite, but his safety and the ensuing free kick return were the difference. Thanks for the effort and leadership and congratulations.
  9. AE 87

    PPD and our Remaining Games

    Okay, so again the PPD used in this post is a calculated stat. Points = 7x(Rush TD's + Pass TD's) + 3xFG's made. Drives = Rush TD's + Pass TD's + FG's Att + Punts + Failed 4th + lost turnovers. I calculate an OPPD for our offense and a DPPD for our points allowed. As a rule of thumb, teams...
  10. AE 87

    Week 9 PPDvsPwr5 Rankings

    As I've discussed elsewhere, I calculate a Points/Drive vs Power5 opponents. I use as the source of the data. I count all scrimmage offensive TD's as 7 pts. I ignore run-back TD's and any Safeties. Typically, I only rank teams that have played at least 3 power-5 opponents, but...
  11. AE 87

    Points Per Drive vs Power 5 Rankings

    Okay, just to review for those who haven't seen these before, I calculate a points/drive stat. The number of drives are calculated as the sum of Rushing TDs, Passing TDs, FG atts, Punts, Failed 4th Downs, and Turnovers. So a half-ending or game-ending possession does not count as a drive...
  12. AE 87

    We Beat NCState

    Didn't see a thread
  13. AE 87

    Split the Baby? GiT&SU?

    A lot of people talk about the need to add majors, expand the fanbase etc. If nothing changed with the academic side so that GT remained GT, would you be willing to merge with Georgia State overcome some of the recruiting challenges? I'm on the side of not changing, but I was wondering where...
  14. AE 87

    Non-Conference Schedule/Record?

    So, our non-Conference schedule has the following opponents: #21 UCLA*, Bethune-Cookman, UT Rio Grande Valley, North Texas, #19 Northwestern, Grambling, Tennessee, Wofford, Florida A&M, Georgia, Wright State, Coppin State, and Yale after conference games start. How many of these games will we win?
  15. AE 87

    Van / Truck (including rental) regulation

    In light of the NY terrorist attack, it is clearly time that we put into place some common sense regulations on the purchase and rental of motor vehicles, especially vans and trucks. 1) there should be background checks 2) there should be a waiting period 3) there should be a way to close a...
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    Stats First 2017 PPDvsPWR5 Rankings

    Okay, so once again, this is a calculated stat based on games against power 5 opponents. I only calculate it for teams which have played more than 2 Pwr 5 opponents. In the past I have ranked teams based on Diff PPD, their Offensive PPD minus their Defensive PPD. Motivated by the Domination...
  17. AE 87

    Layup Consultant

    I didn't notice this posted elsewhere and thought it needed its own thread regardless. Pastner brought in Miami Heat shooting coach Rob Fodor to talk about layups.
  18. AE 87

    Stats Offense & Defense Efficiency under CPJ

    I think may have changed their formulas so I’m just posting rankings rather than the stat itself. I also included my points/drive vs pwr5 (or BCS AQ) rankings for comparison. You can get more information about football outsiders statistics on their site, but here’s the...
  19. AE 87

    No 3L in a row

    OK If someone would've told me CJP would get thru this season without losing 3 in a row, I would have laughed. God bless him. His streak stands.