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    Merry Christmas to all!

    Wishing everyone on GTSwarm a Merry Christmas and an awesome 2022! I appreciate this forum and its spirited members.
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    BC game opens with us a 4 point dog

    I think this is about right. Basically, at a neutral site, BC would be -1 favorite. They are well coached, and in general, do not beat themselves. We will need to play a clean game to pull the slight upset.
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    What would you most like to see tomorrow night (other than a win)?

    Thought this might be fun. Sims protecting the ball well when in a crowd and seeing his progressions even when looking to run Penalty yards well less than 40 Placekicks hit so they get up quickly (and of course, we make them) No wasted timeouts due to confusion Run the ball, run the ball, run...
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    Bill Curry's Thoughts

    I have to disagree with this, if being critical of the play calling or the preparation or the results means "you don't love them." We should be allowed to be critical, mainly of the coaches, without believing that somehow this means we don't "love" our team. So, I get what he is trying to...
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    NCAA denies waivers for Clayton, Ezzard; Sims granted immediate eligibility

    NO, is the answer for 2 of them: NCAA denies waiver requests for Antonneous Clayton, Myles Sims
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    New inbound transfer candidate

    Former Lassiter HS standout/Notre Dame sophomore safety Derrik Allen is transferring and he could be switching shades of gold and coming to GaTech Sorry about how this posted....welcome to delete and repost correctly....
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    One man's opinion of our new coach - rankings Annual ranking of division 1 coaches - CGC comes in at number 69, FWIW. Again, so you know, this same article for 2017 and 2018 had CPJ at 35 and 47. But, we...
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    How good is Notre Dame?

    Could they actually be good enough to compete with Bammer or Clem's Son? They crushed Syracuse, and Clem's Son barely beat Cuse.
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    Parking Options at Cardinal Stadium

    The wife and I are headed up for the game tomorrow night in Louisville. Can anyone on this site recommend some parking options? Thanks.
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    TV this weekend - In Georgia

    I have a question. I am visiting my parents in NW GA this weekend for the holiday. Does anyone know if our game with the DWAGS will be blacked out anywhere in GA? I sure hope I can watch it on TV. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer.
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    One less weapon for the Domers
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    Nice video with Derrick at beginning and JT toward the end...

    Don't know how to embed, but here is the link: Oh well, it worked...ha,ha
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    Latest bowl projections - Us vs. Missy State, Ole Miss, Mich St. or Wisconsin?
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    Can someone please answer for sure? Refs? ACC or SEC today?

    Does anyone have a link to this? I am trying to shut up a dawg fan....
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    Video of team arriving at Edge

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    Duke opens as 6.5 pt favorite

    I knew they would be favored at home, but I thought after their sad performance against VPISU, it would be 2.5-3.5....surprised that Vegas thinks they are a touchdown favorite over UNC....oh well....I would not touch Duke with that line if I was a betting man.
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    Vote for Sneezy - NFL rookie of the week

    Click this link, and I believe you can vote over and over..
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    Some positive reviews for Attachou

    I really think he goes 2nd round, and even possibly with a great combine, moves to the first round....We will see.