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  1. Connor

    Amplified Band during the Game

    Did anyone else who attended the game notice or feel that the bass of our band was amplified? It was not always the case, but it sounded like lower chords on an organ being played- probably placing mics near the tubas. I really liked it- it made our band sound much more intimidating and...
  2. Connor

    President Obama will be Speaking from McCamish next Tuesday (3/10)

    Great opportunity for current students to experience something exciting in McCamish this season for once. Attendance seems to be closed to just the current GT community. Details--> Line on campus was like this in only a few minutes from the announcement- a couple...
  3. Connor

    Favorite Georgia Tech Tie

    After just graduating from this fantastic institution and heading out into the real world, I'd love to get a new great tie that I can wear around work (and the airport) using the right colors (Or other combinations, just GT related) . I already have a couple, but there are so many ties I may not...