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    Position Previews - FTRS

    My 2nd most concerning position. The OLine. Off top they light *** hell. Even with averaging 20lbs more many of them would still be light *** hell. Add to them...
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    GT - Offensive Base Run Plays

    a look at what the O could look like offensively.
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    Defensive & Offensive Formations ect.

    Great two articles on what the defense and offense will look like this coming season.
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    Coach Kenyatta Watson on "UGA Beef," Recruiting Doomsday & More!

    He also talks Georgia Tech as well.
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    GT Air Raid

    The name “Air Raid” might seemingly imply that the ground game is merely an afterthought, but that couldn’t be further from the truth - in 2018, Patenaude utilized a balanced attack at Temple, with the Owls amassing 494 rushing attempts compared to 443 passing attempts...
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    Applying the Stanford Model Y’all wanna beat a dead horse.
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    Emerging Players From This Spring Tre mention. Free article.
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    Temple’s Collins Hate

    This guy hates Collins. I don’t really get it. Per him, it mostly centers around the offense but it seems way more personal. Anyway link below.
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    A.J. Gray (great story) “Some days, I’d be like, I don’t know if I’m going to make it,” Gray told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Some days, I’d be like, I’m going to make it somehow, some way. I just don’t know...
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    BMW co marketing

    Cool. Why this was never done? Commercials should have been everywhere.
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    So who leaves? Attrition.

    IMO Gant Boe Are gone. Who else?
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    The Five Biggest Commits since NSD

    FREE Rivals article. 2 GT Commits
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    Collins on 92.9 today.

    “The recruiting class that is coming in is going to get to play in the best football stadium in the world.” Said Collins “College Football players want to play on the biggest stage and there is no bigger stage than right there in our own back yard, playing at Bobby Dodd is an honor with the...
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    Quincy Avery Tweet

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    How GT can be consistent Top 25 in recruiting

    free article.
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    No Players Invited to the Combine

    Kind of a measure of where GT stands in the grand scheme. Pretty disappointing. I feel sorry for the players. Hope the new staff changes this immediately.
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    Why Geoff Collins's Georgia Tech Rebuild Starts With a Rebrand
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    The rejuvenation of a position: Georgia Tech wide receivers edition

    The rejuvenation of a position: Georgia Tech wide receivers edition And while the first year under Collins could be more like 70 percent run and 30 percent pass, that 30 percent is a...
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    Winter is Coming - Offseason S&C “Under the direction of head football strength and conditioning coach Lewis Caralla, the 10 teams will compete to earn points based on their performances in three areas of the offseason program: Competition Tuesdays – a weekly showdown that pits teams...