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  1. gojackets05

    Harrison Bailey

    He was the #3 pro style quarterback in the country out of high school. I would take him in a heart beat.
  2. gojackets05

    Jeff Sims

    I would also argue that some of the turnovers are due to the fact that Sims knows the defense doesn't stop anyone. This leading to him thinking he has to score every drive and take more risks.
  3. gojackets05

    Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    Knowing javon's highschool coach that isn't why he didn't choose Tech. He was no where close to getting into tech academically.
  4. gojackets05

    James Graham Transferring

    My guess would be that they wanted him to swap positions and he wanted to stay a QB. Not that surprised with the move. Best of luck