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    GT v Wake 1/19

    More garbage transitional defense; more poor FT shooting; more turnovers; more mediocrity (shoulder shrugging) from Pastner.
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    AP Decade Ranking

    At the bottom you can select by decade
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    AP Decade Ranking

    A bit of nostalgia for long time GT fans. Question is how do we get back to this as a standard.
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    GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    Tulane offense stats last 3 years: 2019: 449.3 yds/gm; 33.1 pts/gm 2020: 393.8 yds/gm; 34.7 pts/gm Long hired for 2021 2021: 386.7 yds/gm; 27.8 pts/gm GT offense 2021: 366.9 yds/gm; 24.0 pts/gm
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    #UWiscy (not our kind) coming to town Wed 9:15 EST tip

    The ESPN announcer can't stop fawning all over Wisconsin.
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    Give him some credit for acknowledging the fan base.
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    TStan hires new CFO

    In case you missed this from Stansbury has made a move
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    #NDvsGT 55 to Zero

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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Frigging Kelly challenging ball placement....Jerk We are now into the 2nd string, third string, and modern age Rudys playing.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Yes, we are in a full blown recession at this point!
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Two words PA THETIC One of the worst GT games I've witnessed.
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    Get out the Flea Spray; GT Traveling to the pound Friday Night Lights! [email protected]

    I really enjoyed the 7 minute Braves conversation with the commentators during the first half. GT went from 5 down to 3 up while they droned on about MLB. What a joke....You typically see that during a blowout. I've come to expect an Athens clown car to show up for these games, but I'm...
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    Stetson game

    I was there last night, team is trying to find a rhythm. Saw some really good play in spurts, but turnovers are a major concern through 3 games. Pastner recognizes and acknowledged it as a primary concern to address. A bit disappointed in the attendance. We pretty much had a whole row to...
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    Where do we go from here?

    I'm with you. I no longer have any emotion when I watch GT football. I used to get angry, concerned, etc., but now the only thing I feel is surprised if we win. The only thing CGC has given us is some really bad, record setting defeats. I'm currently watching a well coached Wake Forest team...
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    #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    Hey, hey, hey....sprinkles are for winners...smothered and covered are for let's eat and graciously accept a win. To all of you named Francis (emotionally or physically), lighten up.
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    In summary, Two bad interceptions to start the game set the mood for the day NO pass rush, Pitt has all day to throw the ball Lackluster offensive play calling (no third down conversion thus far) Penalties have hurt (two TDs called back) It's been stated numerous times. We need to get to that...
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    What's that sound I keep hearing? Oh, it's my balloon deflating!
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    To all the Ramblin, Gamblin, Helluva Engineers; let's bring a victory home today.
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    Hire Geoff Collins

    We didn't win....but by God we showed up. Great heart shown today from this team on both sides of the ball!
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    Hire Geoff Collins

    What an awesome onside kick. We need a miracle!