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  1. Jerry the Jacket

    New Game Plan

    We are doing this all wrong. Instead of spending money on coaches, we need to be spending money on players. With this new age of Name Likeness and Image combined with the Portal, this is very doable. Just identify the best Tackles, Guards, and Centers in Power 5 football and target them to...
  2. Jerry the Jacket

    Jordan Yates

    He is better than I thought. I think the Coaches built Sims up to be the savior of the program and now they have a QB controversy on their hands. Go Jackets!
  3. Jerry the Jacket

    Early rankings for the ACC Atlantic.

    So far the Atlantic Division looks as wide open as the Coastal. I don't think Clemson is what they have been but we will see about that. Here is what I think the rankings should be so far: 1) Clemson 2) Wake Forest 3) Boston College 4) Louisville 5) NC State 6) FSU 7) Syracuse Two through...
  4. Jerry the Jacket

    Early rankings for the ACC Coastal.

    Just my early observations of the strength of the ACC Coastal. How I would rank them: 1) Virginia 2) Pittsburgh 3) Va. Tech 4) UNC 5) Miami 6) Ga. Tech 7) Duke To me, it looks like the top 4 are clearly better than the bottom 3. No super strong teams and the door is open for us to move up...
  5. Jerry the Jacket

    Just watching Nebraska . . .

    . . . and they remind me a lot of us. Just seem to beat themselves with mistakes and just a plain inability to rise to the occassion. I know they have a proud program and must be to the point of exhaustion with Coach Frost and his inability to get the program moving in the right direction. It...
  6. Jerry the Jacket

    National Signing Day

    It used to be a lot of fun down at the Edge gathering with fellow fans and having the coaching staff talk about each commit as their letters of intent came over the fax machine. Seems like a lifetime ago. Now we have the transfer portal. A random, source of disappointment and sometimes...
  7. Jerry the Jacket

    Good thing we did not play Ohio State!

    Don't think our scoreboard cold have handled that one. Go Jackets!
  8. Jerry the Jacket

    Dedrick Mills on TV!

    Dedrick starting RB for Nebraska. Running like he did on the Flats. Go Jackets!
  9. Jerry the Jacket

    Defense is now totally optional.

    Here I was thinking we were one of the worst defensive teams playing out there but the more I watch the more I see that we are not alone. What the hell has happened to defensive football? You know we could really distinguish ourselves if we could just improve a little bit. We seem to be...
  10. Jerry the Jacket

    Are we ready for the heat?

    Forecast is 83 degrees, 85% humidity and 60% chance of thunderstorms. That actually might be a break for us. I am expecting a temperature in the 90's with humidity in the 90% area and no rain. I hope we get the actual forecast but think we will get what I expect. If so, it will come down to...
  11. Jerry the Jacket

    Reflections on the National Championship Game

    As I sit here awaiting the kickoff of the Championship, my mind is flooded with the memories of these 2 teams and our relationship with both. For many many years Clemson was the patsy we made come down to Atlanta to take their annual butt whippin. All they got was a nice pay check and a long...
  12. Jerry the Jacket

    Tech great Joe Auer has passed away

    I just saw on the USA Today website, that former Tech star Joe Auer passed away at the age of 77 yesterday. Old number 22 was one of my boyhood heroes and was an offensive force in his day on the flats. Rest in Peace Joe! Go Jackets!
  13. Jerry the Jacket

    Nate Woody . . .

    to Army as DC per Football Scoop. Go Jackets!
  14. Jerry the Jacket

    Georgia Tech Bowl Projections

    Right now SI has us projected in the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl 12/20 in Tampa vs. Memphis. If we can beat Virginia we probably upgrade to the Military Bowl vs. Cincinnati in Annapolis on New Years Eve. If we beat Georgia, we are probably going to Jacksonville and play in the Gator vs...
  15. Jerry the Jacket

    What to do with Bruce Swilling?

    I don't understand what is going on with BJS. He looked to be set to be a starting inside linebacker at the end of last year. I know he injured his self by falling off a motor scooter but he should be healed up by now but is getting very little playing time. Perhaps we don't need him at...
  16. Jerry the Jacket

    Closing the deal . . .

    ... how do we develop that trait? I was watching the Falcon game yesterday and was struck with how similar they are to the Yellow Jackets. They just can not close the deal when the game is on the line. Good teams know how to get that done and other teams, well they end up with a lot of...
  17. Jerry the Jacket

    10 More Games, Time to Sack Up!

    Well it don't matter what we think. We have 10 more ball games to play in 2018 regardless. Just got to flush this one and move on. Being negative will only make things worse. Let's try to find the positives, work on developing what we have and look for improvement as the year goes along...
  18. Jerry the Jacket

    Total news blackout . . .

    . . . very strange following scrimmage on Friday. I have not seen this in the past. Leads me to think that something occurred that Coach wants to keep secret. I have not seen any reports in the AJC or any other media outlets or websites about the scrimmage. I see Kelly has one up but it...
  19. Jerry the Jacket

    2018 Offensive unit projections

    The potential Offensive depth chart for 2018 looks pretty good. I thought I would share my prospective on this to give us something to discuss during this slow period for GT football. Of course the main position for any football team is the QB position. We have some experience there but we...
  20. Jerry the Jacket

    Pelton is out . .

    . . . just saw this on twitter. Go Jackets!