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  1. CrackerJacket

    One Day More!

    Time to turn the Sons Of Clem into Les Miserables...
  2. CrackerJacket

    What do I do with my Russell GT stuff now?

    The advice of my fellow Swarmers is requested for an important life decision. I have a Russell hat, polo, and hoodie of 2008-2010 vintage (blue piping on the hat & hoodie).
  3. CrackerJacket

    Seen In South Texas...

    Did the Stinger take a wrong turn and end up on Shoreline Blvd in Corpus Christi? Naw, there's a high school down in the Rio Grande valley living the yellowjacket life!
  4. CrackerJacket

    Mott Makes Splash In AA Debut

    FYI, Mott Hyde drove in both runs for Corpus Christi (AA Astros affiliate) in their 2-0 opening day win over Tulsa last night. The first RBI came on a big solo shot, second RBI drove in a runner from second with a sharp single up the middle. Last time I saw Mott was with the Jackets in 2012...
  5. CrackerJacket


    I get the feeling Baseball America consistently ranks us lower than NCBBWA, Collegiate Baseball, etc. Haven't done any data gathering on this, but BA had us lower than NCBBWA in the last poll, and IIRC, that's par for the course when we're good enough to hit the top 25.
  6. CrackerJacket

    Andrew Robinson Comin' Home

    Y'all, former GT hurler Andrew Robinson was traded from the Astros organization to the Braves yesterday. He started the year in double A, made the Texas League All-Star team, and was promoted to triple A. So you may get to see him in Gwinett right away. Didn't see anything about where the...