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  1. RIP Demaryius Thomas

    Condolences to those he touched and prayers for healing for the hearts that are broken.....
  2. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    outscored Lou 39-6 after going down 21-7 that shows the fight in this team. Like i have said in other post there is talent, just not across the board and alot of the talent is young. This is definitely a learning year but if you were told GT would be 2-2 through 4 at the beginning of the...
  3. #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    we have talent just not across the board, we do fight and scrap but the issue with this team is attention to detail and discpline....those are coaching issues/challenges. Hell i have a simple answer for the kicking, put a ten foot screen 4 yards in front of the kicker and make them practice not...
  4. Week over week improvement

    This is the dumbest list ever, first its not original and a bad copy of Espn bottom 10. Second Espn list at least makes sense with the one spot reserved for a big boy school who deserves some crap for the week but the rest of the teams on espn's list are awful.
  5. OC Hire

    umm army was also able to outduel houston's offense this year...not putting alot stock in that result
  6. ACC Football Thread

    yes but their decommits alone as a group would have ranked higher than our class...we have work to do going forward but this does not bode well for the regime in mia
  7. Saban

    rumors of Green Bay Packers planes being spotted in Tuscaloosa yesterday not sure if it was just smoke or if there truth to it
  8. ACC Football Thread

    Miami early signing day was a bloodbath of decommits
  9. My opinion top 6

    UGA got their playoff game it was last night and they lost end of story, why does UGA deserve another shot when they already lost their shot (this eye test bull**** is just that bull****, play the games and let cards fall where they may)
  10. Will Bryan and Chris Martin

    Will has been an awesome warrior, you win with selfless players
  11. Senior Appreciation Thank you TaQuon

    TQM lets close out your outstanding GT career with three more wins!!
  12. Who you got? Parker Braun or Shaq Mason?

    Trey, please disregard some of the idiots on here, every fan base has them. Fair weather, demanding and ungrateful. I remember the road grader you were in your time on the Flats. Its easy for people who dont do anything to point out the mistakes of some one doing something. Just like in...
  13. Fly over tomorrow!

    I do i was in nosebleeds that was f'in awesome
  14. Listening to Chuck Oliver Show...Who Is This Team?

    We also didnt recruit Carl...til very of my gripes with this staff. Side note if Ted Roof had been named the coordinator one year earlier we probably would have landed Carl
  15. Virginia tech travel

    If you tailgate early you will be fine but if you leave late afternoon on a thursday 81 can become brutal (There is huge intermodal truck/train station just off of 81 south of Roanoke/ north of Bburg ....which means there is a ton of semi traffic and alot of accidents happen in that 20 mile...
  16. Virginia tech travel

    Just be aware traffic on 81 from Roanoke to Bburg will be brutal on game day, expect loooong delays
  17. Georgia Tech (-3.5) @ Louisville

    we are currently on a 0-8 streak as road favorites...this does not bode well
  18. USF was My Fault

    it was really my fault, I turn on tv they run back the kickoff after second run back I turn off tv leave I did check back in til we were up 38-28 you know what happened not watching this weekend
  19. Relax its game one

    This was an opener tune up game, could it have been better yes, is there room for improvement yes but this sky is falling, throwing student athletes under the bus hysteria is asinine. Game at a time fellas, we couldnt have a better record at this point than 1-0. Next game up and lets see if...
  20. : "I didn't come to Arizona to run the triple-option."

    Arizona is going to be trash this year