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  1. Techfan14

    College football hall of fame

    Anybody been yet? Thinking bout going before the game Saturday.
  2. Techfan14

    Best game you have seen at Grant field?

    Mine was Florida State in 08. Great tailgating with a close friend then rushing the field after the fumble recovery!!
  3. Techfan14


    Which ones will we be wearing against Virginia Tech?
  4. Techfan14


    It's finally here!!!! YELLOW!!!
  5. Techfan14

    Season tickets

    When will season tickets be sent out?
  6. Techfan14

    Fan Day

    When does fan day start?
  7. Techfan14

    North Carolina time?

    Any chance it won't be a noon game?
  8. Techfan14

    Former players

    Any idea which former players Paul is hiring to the recruiting office?
  9. Techfan14

    First post

    Might as well make it a good one. What's the good word??!!!