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  1. Jacketman

    It's the small plays...

    Guys, it's the small plays that win games. A perfect example from tonight: Jordan Mason's tackle on the 2nd interception: it saved what would have become a 17-0 game and likely out of our reach. Watch how he takes a wide angle and slices in to trip him up: Those are plays that win games...
  2. Jacketman

    2020 Georgia Tech Football Pump Up Video

    Hope you guys enjoy! 3 days until toe meets leather!
  3. Jacketman

    Georgia Tech Football in the 21st Century (Video)

    Hey guys, I took some time to make a nice video of our highlights this century (2000-2020). Not every year was included, but most were. Hope y'all enjoy! I also made a college highlight video for Darren Waller which you can watch here: Go Jackets!
  4. Jacketman

    Justin Thomas Career Highlights

    Hey guys! I made a video for one of my favorite Jackets ever, Justin. Just something to maybe tide y'all over for a little bit in case we don't have football. Scott Howard has a special appearance as well!
  5. Jacketman

    James Graham 2019 Highlights

    Excited about JG. I think he's going to surprise a lot of people(including us on this board) next year.