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  1. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    We need to to get @ least 2 Linebackers

    I hope CGC is watching maybe he can learn how to Coach build a winning program .
  3. Poll: What do you hope to see next season?

    A good recruiting class and a bowl game.
  4. Have we filled all of our coaching vacancies yet?

    Whe Some coaches with these qualities and experience should have been hired when COLLINS was hired to rebuild this team . Instead he hired 3/4 of his staff from Temple . About half of them were not good coaches or good recruiters. It took 27 loses, the fan base , season ticket holders the...
  5. Have we filled all of our coaching vacancies yet?

    Here we go again another coach from temple ?????
  6. Merry Christmas to all!

    To all GT Swarm Members, Coaches , Players, and All Tech Fans in General looking forward to next Season. 2022. 👍👍.
  7. OL to go Senior domimant, big +315, powerful +TE's (Stanford 2013) to compete with factories?

    If first you don’t succeed try try again . Winners never quit and quitters never win.
  8. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I don’t think the previous staff. Was very good @ judging the players talent and skill levels .I think that’s why they kept starting the same guys over and over again. Same results year after after year after year nothing changed I am glad he is enjoying college football.
  9. Fire Geoff Collins

  10. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    COLLINS only hires friends.coaches that knows how to teach their jobs or knows how to recruit Theses are 2 of his hiring weak points .Check original staff DB coaches, TE coach, DC, OC, check and see how many recruits were signed by theses guys over 3 years.
  11. Can’t look back let’s all move foward

    Let all get on the same page , let’s get behind this staff for recruiting purposes we are currently rank 31st with 16 recruits. We need good linebackers going foward. This has been a week spot for 3 years. Let’s hope our 2 newest members on the coaching staff can get 2 or more 4 star athletes...
  12. RIP Demaryius Thomas

    Sorry to hear this .my blessings to the family.I will never forget the 2009 team. Keeping everyone in prayer.
  13. So one assistant position still available….

    All future college coaches (including assistants.)Should b incentive. Based. University of Florida is paying their past 3 Head Coaches. 70 million dollars buyouts. ?????
  14. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    He will end up @ Alabama or georgia as a quality control analysis .all coaches with experience those 2 coaches adds to their staffs . That’s why they programs are light years above everyone else. Smart used the Alabama guide for running his program. Collins thinks he knows how run a program...
  15. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Kent state OC Andrew Solder. Has put up good numbers scoring and passing the last 3 seasons. I think he is worth a look.
  16. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    These decisions should have made and done before the season ended. Coaches should have in place 3 or 4 after the final game. Everyone in college football world knew they were coming. I don’t understand why ? 8 other teams we’re firing coaches before the season
  17. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    We did. Clayton Florida. DE
  18. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    We need to lose the special team coordinator and tightens coach along with Thacker. I never heard of a 35 year old DC with 2 yrs experience coach power 5 ACC football. But he was hired by a Head coach with same Resume.
  19. The “Money Men”

    Amen brother