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  1. 247 Sports Releases Team Talent Composite

    Phil Steele has a rating/ranking on every player by position signed by major schools.This is based on his complilation of all rating services he can utilize. for ex--Vic alexander is listed this yr as the #61 best LB in the country and the best of our class. That maybe where they are getting this.
  2. " We are gonnna run the ball." Paul Johnson

    yep. if we throw at a 33% this week,we will lose to dook also ,cause they are going to crowd the LOS--after last wks debacle,who wouldn't?
  3. Film Study Film Study - Offense vs ND

    Boomer, Ijust hope it is not in December when he finally figures it out.Price we pay for a new guy.
  4. Anyone remember the leg twist?

    another bad twister was on Eddie Lee Ivery vs uga in '78, won the game for them
  5. Film Room Understanding is healing... GT v ND 2015

    78, EXACTLY what I was thinking.Quick give to Skov behind Devine and should get 4 everytime(5 + is not likely with 3 LBs converging.). Too simple?
  6. Another cause for concern

    If I were PJ, I would have gone out of my way to get him a couple of kicks in the 1st 2 games.Kickers get stale and it is mental.Hitting xpts is NOTHING like a 40 yd FG. He may be ok,but I wouldn't want dook game riding on his kick at the end.
  7. Quaide moves to AB

    Isn't it interesting that the obvious problems of execution this yr, ever since last yr, - 1. WRs and 2. Aback ( mainly blocking) ,even though "most" had dismissed the concerns with cries of ''more athletic and faster'" being bandied about , are now front and center . With WRs , very...
  8. Film Study Film Study - Offense vs ND

    Boomer. maybe they didn't dominate but EVERYTHING we did looked a struggle.The only 2 plays that were "normal" easy were--Snoddys run down right sideline(which btw showed how tough their DBs were as the guy who made stop fought off our blocker for 20 yds ,not giving up) and Skov TD at pass...
  9. Not interchangeable

    yep. my guess is the game will sway on how our pass attack does,they will not let us run wild ------or wide or anywhere else if possible my Lawd ,it may come down to our DEF !
  10. Tech fans are so freaking BIPOLAR!!

    yep, and he's got Miami, uga, fsu, dook on the phone also as per normal basic approach vs our Offense--- ignore the WRs and play 9 on 9 , stop the bback inside and bring the safeties up close to shut down all else -and hope--it can work
  11. Georgia Tech Injury Report

    its been suggested that he is gone for yr
  12. Film Study Film Study - Offense vs ND

    Lots of things went into this loss.but-we just lost badly to a team with 2nd unit QB,TB and TE. Flash back to IOWA game-dominated. First they have some great athletes and at home.. They were motivated-as mentioned almost lost to uva,looking ahead. They even signed a running QB this yr to...
  13. No Quit

    we had a chance for the score to be as ugly as the game--but didn't allow it to be hope that bodes well for future,we sure have some improving to do to even to get to 8-4 ,starting this wk (we will be underdogs to at least 4 games at this point)
  14. Not interchangeable

    We got our heads handed to us.Disappointing in that we lost a chance for national effect. We can still be decent,but it showed we are not on the level with the best,at this point.We are a dangerous team but with obvious flaws.Join the club.
  15. Boomer's Keys to the Game

    er,you were dead right
  16. Film Study Film Study - Offense vs Tulane

    did you see that the Ala QB that passed on us forTenn ,started real slow this season? I hope we had a backup plan.
  17. Boomer's Keys to the Game

    I don't feel good if we HAVE to depend on our passing.So again its the Oline . If we slow run,I don't think they can beat us in air.They were 0-10 on 3rd down vs Va.
  18. Notre Dame Predictions

    I would not be surprised if we did them by 2 TDs as young QB implodes,etc. BUT--at home,with their def it is more like 34-27 Tech
  19. Positive Press?

    After the run of last several games,even the doubters have to start to wonder what we are capable of. I'm sure we will have a battle but they are missing key parts so this may go like the last time we were up here. IF IF our DEf can stop their run game somewhat,they will be in trouble.Our Off...
  20. Film Room GT V Tulane Series 1

    Looking at the set-up with Aback in slot to right,it looks like if we put Snoddy there,he could blow by the DB up the middle for a long pass if we got the left split-end to run middle at the safety and distract him.Haven't really seen this in a while.