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  1. AE 87

    RIP Demaryius Thomas

    I can't remember ever crying, literally weeping, for someone I've never met. That changed today. I pray peace for his family. I hope he knew Jesus. Life is hard. He got out.
  2. AE 87

    Fire Geoff Collins

    Assuming we lose the next two, CGC's 9 wins in 36 games will tie Coach Alexander's 7 wins in 28 games 1929-1931. Well, not quite. We had a couple of tie games in 30 & 31. Plus, Alexander won the National Championship in 1928. We're living through the worst head coaching 3 yr record in Tech...
  3. AE 87

    Fire Geoff Collins

    IIrc, we changed coaches between 79 and 80. Curry won 6 games in his 3rd year. Worst 3 yrs by the same coach in nearly a century. If CGC were a dawg fan who wanted to keep his job ruining GT football, what would he do differently?
  4. AE 87

    Fire Geoff Collins

    Our HC, OC, and DC were not Pwr5 in those positions when hired. In fact, they each only had 2yrs experience at the FBS level in those jobs, iirc. B*** L**** won as many or more games in two shorter seasons than we'll win in 3 with this staff.
  5. AE 87

    Another win this season?

    FWIW, BC beat vippysue last night. Next week is our bowl game.
  6. AE 87

    Game 1 #NIUvsGT Predictions

    With about 2.5 min left, Mich beating NIU 63-10. NIU likely is who we thought they were.
  7. AE 87

    1st Game est. PPD (too early)

    For those not familiar with my estimated PPD stat, it only counts scrimmage scores and typical drives. All TD's are worth 7 pts, regardless of P.A.T. Georgia Tech had 2 rushing TDs, 1 Passing TD, 3 FG-att (0 for 3), 3 punts, 2 failed 4th-dns, and 1 turnover. So, we had 12 drives for 21...
  8. AE 87

    When Should Collins be Fired (Poll)

    Does anyone know how his contract is written regarding his control of his staff? I don't think we can easily fire CGC in the next couple of years based on the guarantees referenced in the OP. Can the AD replace the OC and DC?
  9. AE 87

    Spring game thoughts

    I get putting on a show for commits, but I was hoping to watch football. Even playing touch, it would've been nice to see 1s vs 1s.
  10. AE 87

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    "Expectations" is the key word in this thread. My initial thoughts were that I didn't have much to build expectations on. But, then as I thought about it, I realized that I have expectations none-the-less. I expect us to win at least 5 games. I expect that we won't win more than 8...
  11. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    Again, I don't want to get into old debates about our last coach. So, I waited a few days to clear up some possible misunderstandings of this stat. The basic premise is that the best teams are the teams whose offense scores more than their defense allows. Now, it may happen that some games...
  12. AE 87

    Open Practice on Saturdays

    Thanks for the coverage! It definitely sounds like it's wort.
  13. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    I remember my first beer.
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    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    I appreciate the power of narrative, but let's be clear. Our offense was #11 in the country in scoring efficiency (PPDvPwr5) in CPJ's last year. He designed and called his offense based on what his players could do. But, I'm sorry that I let you incite me into old debates. We will def...
  15. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    I appreciate the friendly response from somone who typically ignores me (IIUC).
  16. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    I don't track that, but I know injuries and other issues hit us pretty hard the last couple of years.
  17. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    Also IIRC, the average OffPPD and DefPPD each year is about 2.2. Top 10 or so is typically over 2.7 for OffPPD and under 1.7 for DefPPD.
  18. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    2015 was the injury apocalypse year combined with the psychology of coming of the 2014 season.
  19. AE 87

    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    Fwiw, I still think defense is a problem. It's been worse than every year but our injury apocalypse year of 2015.
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    Where We Stand (PPDvPwr5 edition)

    As I've posted in previous threads, PPDvPwr5 (points per drive vs power 5) is a calculated raw statistic like points/game or yards/play. The only accounting for schedule strength is in only using data from power 5 (or BCS AQ earlier) opponents. It also only accounts for scrimmage scores...