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  1. Let's go about this different only positive things ( Why will Tech win 6 games or more next year)

    the only way we win 6 games next year is if we play Duke 10 times....
  2. Fire Geoff Collins NOT sucking in all the other facets of the game they sucked at???? ....... including play calling, game clock management, special teams, defense, play calling, etc. This regime is an absolute farce and if you don't see that and want to blame 3 years of ineptitude on OL then you are...
  3. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…um…er…Tashard Choice? (TX?)

    With Coach Choice now gone and all the other recent bad news of players leaving, recruits decomitting, etc. and given our historically terrible record of 3 consecutive seasons of 3 wins only ----it seems there are several descriptive phrasings about our football program that are truly applicable...
  4. Fire Geoff Collins

    remember when O'leary lied to hopefully get to N. Dame? What lie could we tell that would get Notre Dame to take Collins?
  5. #UGAvsGT Official Prediction Thread

    nope . honest tech fan....just wondering realistically is this not very likely?
  6. #UGAvsGT Official Prediction Thread

    given the strength of their D and the weakness of our D i think this scenario is likely
  7. Most likely outcome.....

    Don't we all know the following is HIGHLY likely: 1. Dawgs beat the damn brakes off the Wreck tomorrow, likely any score they desire, say 65 - 0? 2. Bobby Dodd looks like a UGA home game given the amount of red. 3. Collins is retained thru next year. Face it --Stansbury knows #1 & # 2 above...
  8. Fire Geoff Collins

    we will not be surprised. I fully expect an embarassing blowout, worse than the ND defeat in that our offense will get half the 1st downs and half the total yards against UGA. Will CGC's situation really be worse? I'm just wonderin' if this UGA blowout happens (which we have to expect), will...
  9. Fire Geoff Collins

    does anyone think UGAG will NOT blow our doors off ? How can anyone conclude that? theyll likely beat us worse than ND, correct???? Of course they will.
  10. #NDvsGT 55 to Zero

    So week will be very bad. When you consider how many dawg fans will be there compared to gt fans it will likely be VERY discouraging to the players.
  11. Fire Geoff Collins

    regarding your last remark....."let's just win another couple of games...." like which two can we win Dude? Seriously, which two?
  12. Fire Geoff Collins

    bobby dodd will be a sea of red
  13. Ugag vs. GT score prediction?

    Will they hang 60 + on us?
  14. watching on ESPN3 (w/ blackout???)

    I can get on ESPN3 but the GT game is blacked out in my area....what can I do? change my zip code setting? Help?
  15. Another win this season?

    I don't see how we win another game this year; 3 wins seems like one more than we should've won actually.....somebody convince me otherwise please.
  16. Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    I'm not seein' it.....the ONLY team that I've seen remaining on our schedule that we MAY be able to beat is Duke. From what I've seen, we realistically may only win one more game. So....will Collins survive a 2 - 12 season? I really hope not.
  17. Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    thanks for the replies.....I'm not trolling or only negative as some on here insist, just realistically wondering who we might beat. Because so far, all the other teams on our remaining schedule look better than that leads me to conclude we will not win another one.
  18. Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    I look at the schedule and I don't see another victory. If you do, please tell us how or why we win another game.....
  19. Game 2 #KSUvsGT Media

    Why is Ken so timid (along w/ others) in asking questions of CGC? He squeemishly uses phrasing like "sort of", "kind of" , "a little bit", "maybe" over and over in his softball questions. Grow a pair and ask this used car salesman direct questions !!!!!
  20. In all seriousness if we lose next week how bad will it get?

    Should we truly expect to win agains Kennesaw?