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  1. Men’s Game vs Louisville

    They can't claim this was done because of 'Covid protocol'. This is just network greed. Screw the fans. Let's just reschuffle the games whenever we want to maximize revenue.
  2. Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    I knew Tech was in trouble as soon as I saw the refs not calling the over the back fouls on LSU. But that's no excuse for Sturdivant continually dribbling into three people and fumbling the ball away when he has Coleman open on the three point line. If he's not going to look for the open man...
  3. Jose

    Alvarado was on the Pelicans roster. He was moved to Birmingham on December 6th, and transferred back to the Pelicans on December 8th. Hewitt is the coach of the Clippers G League team.
  4. SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant

    From day one I've thought these conference 'championship' games were nothing more than cash cows. Either make the losers eliminated from the playoffs and the winners move forward, or don't play them and expand the playoffs to six or eight teams.
  5. #UWiscy (not our kind) coming to town Wed 9:15 EST tip

    The two fouls called late on Howard right after he hands of the ball and the defender hits him from behind. are those called because the ref thinks Howard moved into the defender? Also, late when Devoe got the defender up and took the three point shot so the defender fell into his legs, is that...
  6. Fire Geoff Collins

    This is what I've never understood about Tech's recent AD's. In basketball, a terrible contract extension was given to CPH over fear of losing him. Then, after CPH's firing and worried that 'nobody' was going to be left to chose from, they grab CBG. So after CPJ departs the football program, the...
  7. Morehouse Exhibition Game

    My starting four are Devoe, Usher, K Moore, and Smith. The fifth starter will depend on the team Tech is playing. Devoe and Usher look like bigger and stronger versions of themselves. K Moore for defense. He did not shoot well at all yesterday. Smith glided up and down the court with speed and...
  8. Jose and Moses Post Draft

    Email addresses for you Staff Directory – Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario ( Agua Caliente Clippers Announce Training Camp Roster for 2021-22 NBA G League Season - OurSports Central Holsey 2nd round pick Kammeon Holsey Rumors | Hoops Rumors
  9. Non-adidas GT Swag

    I think Buzz is what you enjoy and as far as I know, there aren't any plans to take it away from you. There are mascots and images at Tech that predate Buzz. Some look better than others and I plan to display some on shirts and wear them to ball games. We'll see if they create any buzz!
  10. Non-adidas GT Swag

    Go to a campus store in the SEC, Big Ten, or even at many other ACC schools and then go look at the offerings around Tech and you'll notice a big difference in quality of choices and look. Also Buzz as a mascot is OK, but to me, a lousy look on fanwear. I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech...
  11. Fire Geoff Collins

    Ball hit the ground, but when you put the game in the ref's hands, it's rarely a favorable result. Sad for the Tech players that fought hard. Very difficult to win when the guy given the head coaching job is in over his head.
  12. GT and Dickey Broadcasting Company Have Agreed to a Multi-year Agreement

    The Braves play Colorado the evening of September 4th. So for the first game vs Northern Illinois, what Atlanta radio station will carry the play by play?
  13. Season Tickets

    I'm one of the old geezers that think app is short for crapp. HA It's not just Tech, it's most entertainment venues. I think electronic tickets should be a convenience for those who want them. But if I pay my donation and purchase the tickets, I don't think it's right that anybody I want to...
  14. Coach K to Retire After Next Season

    I wish Tech had no designated 'primary rivals' in basketball. Just let North Carolina and Duke play each other twice a year rotate everybody else.
  15. Returning players for 2021-22
  16. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    You can shoot Rick Barry's league leading % way or any way you want for the traditioal one or two points!
  17. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    While I love a beautiful outside shot as much as any basketball fan, I've always hated it counting 3 points. You can't tell me shooting from a spot you practice thousands of times should be worth more points than three or four passes for a clever layup. Loyola has a lucky day making three's...
  18. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    I'm surprised to be saying this, but after TV Teddy gets his attention, he's actually one of the fairest refs we had this year. Just how many times did Tech players get elbowed in the head against Loyola with no fouls called? At least three. There was a foul called for the punch to the...
  19. Georgia Tech, Your 2021 ACC Champions

    I just read every comment and might go back and read them all again!
  20. ACC Tourney

    I see that 'loose' for lose so often now I figured it was some sort of 'kid's speak'. The ref's today were a complete joke. Brooks was called for ZERO fouls. I lost count of how many he committed. Perhaps it's only called a foul and also retain the ball in the pros, but that foul from behind on...